Fr James Martin SJ the author of Building a Bridge has failed in safeguarding LGBT youth.  This is despite his endless virtue-signalling and courting celebrity status.  It is an utter disgrace that the pope writes notes to him praising him.  Nothing is done.  His book purports to find common ground between LGBT Catholics and the Church which says that same sex marriage is impossible and a sin and that sex is only between a man and woman in a valid exclusive life-long marriage.

Martin will take donations from faithful but confused Catholics and others for his  website outreach.faith and it will concentrate on biblical "scholars" who lie about the Bible and Jesus' opposition to gay sex and transgenderism and ignore scholars who look at the evidence instead of trying to turn the Bible into an activist sheet.  No true opposition to homophobia allows for that.  He platforms people such as Sister Jeannine Gramick who is banned from preaching by the Church for opposing its teaching that sex is only for a man and woman in a valid lifelong marriage.

Martin has repeatedly said that if somebody says they are trans believe them.  One article on outreach argued that as Genesis talks about God creating night and day and that there are many things in between that it is the same when God created male and female.  He created all genders such as trans and non-binary and so on.

Fr Martin defended the author of the following against Catholics who said he must not speak and promote his books at a Catholic school.





Martin went out of his way here.  Why was he worrying about a school a continent away?  He lives in New York and ministers there.  Why does he not even care about blasphemy against his god?


Martin has lied about his transphobic religion.  And the pope.

His closeness to the Reverend Brandan Robertson raises loads of red flags.  Robertson on his twitter and instagram shows no real sign of devotion to Christianity.  There is plenty of devotion to pictures that try to make him look like a teenager, he is over 30, and a lot of flesh is on view.

Here is what Robertson told Catholic expert Trent Horn during an interview.  It can be accessed from catholic.com.


Martin because he will be deprived of speaking engagements and the trappings they bring, tries to avoid making it look too obvious that he has broken his vow to remain true to the teaching of the Church.  So he directs people to Robertson to do the false teaching for him.

Robertson repeatedly lies about and downplays the Bible God's hate for LGBT.  He met his match with Trent Horn but refused to listen. They did a talk about whether one could be a sexually active gay and a good Christian.  Robertson's lies in fact got worse after his defeat.

Martin should know that Robertson in this talk went out of his way to defend sex between teenagers.  Horn went off topic to test him.  All Robertson had to so was say that the talk was about the Bible and homosexuality and to get back on topic.  He didn't do that.  He went on at length trying to justify teen sex. 

Groomers use the idea of young people having the right to have sex in order to soften boundaries.

Brandan is careful not to define what age he considers somebody to be a teenager. 

Also, the fully developed brain argument he makes endangers trans youth.  People argue that anybody under 25 will be too likely to make a mistake by having gender affirming care.  It does not stop incoherent Brandan endorsing trans healthcare for teens.  This is not a man who truly cares.

Brandan was dismissive of the children hurt by a gay couple.  He clearly says the abuse in the tragic Zulock case has nothing at all to do with LGBTQ but implies that abuse by straights has to do with straights.  He calls the incidents horrible but shows no compassion.  He talks of incidents not the children.  He clearly says that those who call out abuse by gays should concentrate on the abuse done by straight men instead for it happens more often.  A person of principle holds that one child being hurt is one too many.


Martin knows that no matter how valid trans children are, there are some who promote material to those children merely because they want the age of consent watered down.  Brandan Robertson is a keen supporter of forces who purvey inappropriate material to children.  The voices of trans who argue that a child cannot know if they need to live as the opposite sex are ignored and shoved aside.



Martin with no concern for safeguarding then puts this on his facebook page.  Robertson is a heretic by any standard and even that does not matter.  This was after a furor where Robertson defended threesomes etc as sacred.

At the bottom Martin tries to undermine the hate the sin and love the sinner doctrine.  If the doctrine is false then there is no God and God would not matter if he did exist.  Sin would not be an important thing!  I oppose love the sinner and hate the sin as inherently passive-aggressive.  But Martin is lying that it is only applied to LGBTQ.  The Church applies it comprehensively.

Imagine you can love the sinner and hate the sin.  If homophobia and transphobia in their true sense are problems in society, then it is GOOD if the saying, hypothetically, were focused on them to a large extent.  It is a warning to check that you are upholding their dignity.  It is not about checking them but you.

I wonder if Martin knew Robertson had an only fans account...did he take a peek?

Martin shows no reservations and calls Robertson a true Christian.  So Martin can decide for Jesus who is a Christian?  Remember that Martin called evil Archbishop Weakland his friend and praised him despite all the child sex abuse in 2022.

Robertson endlessly lies about what the Bible says.  He blocks LGBT activists on twitter who raise concern about how these lies make it harder to fight religious homophobia.  He is not by any means a good role model for vulnerable LGBT.

By no standard could the Reverend Brandan Robertson be considered a pastor or a Christian yet Fr Martin worshipfully endorses him. 

No genuine Catholic priest promotes the ministry of a man who says that Jesus was a racist.  Robertson says that Jesus racially oppressed the Canaanite woman who had a possessed daughter.

No genuine Catholic priest endorses a man who advocates how polyamory can be  sacred and that the Bible never condemns sex outside marriage and only forbids sexual exploitation and rape.

No genuine Catholic priest endorses a man who is liberal on abortion in the name of Jesus Christ.

No genuine Catholic priest endorses a man who endlessly calls conservatives and republicans hateful and tries to distort what they say.   The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence mock Jesus and Mary.  They dress as drag nuns.  They do mock Eucharists.   Robertson said in 2023 that they are merely using a device to highlight how fake many Christians are.  They are engaging in satire not mockery according to him.  He argues that they are doing this not to offend or mock holy figures but to defend justice. 

No genuine Catholic priest exposes vulnerable LGBT teens to a man who says that porn is often sacred and harmless and who praises the porn stars he is friendly with.

Robertson around Christmas 2022 said the nativity story was a myth and that because God is love all will be saved in the end.  I would accept that if free will is true that everybody will be saved at one point but they can throw away that salvation and then go back for it.  Robertson cannot reason.  It is clearly an effort to make "sin" just a word, as if it does not matter.

It goes on and on and on. 

No genuine Catholic priest recommends Robertson's books as Martin does.  Robertson is a grifter.

Martin replied sarcastically to somebody who pointed out that Robertson was a heretic - true he says the Bible is pro-promiscuity, Jesus was a racist and that he is an agnostic.

Martin celebrated and promoted Robertson at the 2023 Outreach conference.

The following comment sums it up. 

Finally, Fr James Martin is not a father but a liar.


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