How can an all-good God who makes all things let evil thrive and stand by as the innocent suffer and their cries to him for help show no response?

Religion knows that some people say evil proves there is no God full stop. It says they might be right but as they might be wrong it prefers to be a bit more optimistic than that  It says God knows what he is doing and if we could see his plan we would see it is for a good purpose ultimately.

Optimistic?  Is wanting to feel better in the midst of a terrible world what matters to them and not if it is actually true that suffering and evil happen for reasons that only God may know of?  That is horrid.  Given that your suffering would be like a grain of sand and the suffering of the rest of the human race and the animal race would need a beach as big as the solar system you are in no position to even slightly understand anything and so you cannot talk about suffering that is nothing to do with you. It is not your suffering to try and feel fine about.

The divine plan theory has placebo written all over it. 

There are four placebos with it. It makes them and feeds them.  If it is bad then that makes it twice as bad.

Here are the four.

1 – avoidance of seeing the full horror of their pain

2 – avoidance of seeing that help seeming to come is of little worth when it comes very late

3 – avoidance of seeing that even if there is a plan it does not follow you care about that and you just want to feel better

4 – avoidance of others seeing the evil properly and suffering, each person of faith is helping to sustain the placebo in the next person. This is a collective placebo effect. It is shamelessly evil for what business have you influencing others this way and allowing yourself to be influenced?

Some people wait a lifetime for help with their life situation be it for basic comforts or to overcome some traits that they could do without. The life ends and nothing improves. But you tell yourself God helped at the best possible time and in the best possible way.  This is as callous as telling a woman whose twin son drowns that at least she has the other one.  While it is true Jesus must have known that there are things we must worry about to some level or we don't give a damn, he did say we must take no thought for the morrow for God has designed it to take care of itself.  Most take this as advising that one should not stress and use confidence in God to help calm down.  Now it makes no sense if years of torment can come.  It only makes sense if you pray and have a relationship with God and with one who does not leave you at the mercy of evil very long.  The idea of God setting a good goal very far away in the future is out.

Faith that the suffering should happen for a reason means you have to take responsibility and admit that you would not change anything.  So you have a harming disposition in that respect.

Religion is a placebo for the torment you get from harming others in more direct ways. Many say this "pill" can help and harm. It can condition you to eventually not care who you harm. If there is no god guiding it then you don't know what you're doing to yourself. Don't take the chance. Ditch faith for reality as many do.  Don't cause problems by running to priests for their sacraments that do nothing.


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