Parents, do not be fooled that the question of the upbringing of your child in an organised religion is all about your choice.

We are talking about an upbringing that disregards what suits the child and seeks a predetermined outcome - membership in an organised religion.

This is a matter for concern for the child because the religion will always have the power, it will always be bigger than the child.

Then there is putting the child into the Church by baptism when they cannot say yes, no, or that they don't know.

The baptism is not the parent's choice.  The Church makes the decision.  It makes it through the parents.  The parents enact the will of the Church. The parents are the part of the Church that have to be the emissaries to organise and request the baptism.  The parents only implement the Church's will.  And nobody cares if the parents are forced by their families.  The parent who objects will be ignored.  Children do not deserve any of this nonsense.

What do I mean?  The Church has educated those responsible for the Church to take "care" of a child by ensuring the child will be baptised and raised in the Church.  The parents are obligated on pain of sin and hell to do so.  The Church provides the theological rationale for baptism and says it has supernatural effects.  The Church performs the baptism and the minister of it is delegated by the Church.  The parents are not baptising the child so it is not their choice.   Get it in your head, they are not making a choice but allowing the Church to have a choice. Get it?  And trying to choose for somebody who cannot choose is not choosing but trying to choose.  You cannot really choose for your child.  You only choose whether it is right for them or not.  It is not a for.  It is not an act of love.  It may be an act of necessity.  Choosing for somebody has to and the person cannot is not a gift or privilege but a necessary evil.

Many pay religion money and let it have their schools and influence their children and use the excuse, "Rather than just leave this sometimes awful and sometimes evil religion, I want to stand for it changing from the inside." There is no excuse for not being in a religion that does less harm.  And are you going to impose the job of fixing the church on your child?  And the religion and its tradition and history and place in the world will always be bigger than you. And you sound arrogant like you are so great and smart that you will not be contaminated. And if "changing from within" is your reason for being in it then remind yourself that when the Church collaborated with the Nazis that the German Catholics told themselves the same thing. And it is a core Christian teaching that you cannot change others so you have to look at yourself. AND FINALLY, IF YOU THINK YOU HELP CHANGE FROM WITHIN THAT IS A REASON FOR YOU NOT TO ENROL YOUR CHILDREN IN THE CHURCH AND INFLUENCE THEM AT IT'S SCHOOL.


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