The Unnatural Sin of Contraception

Why is contraception a sin?

Because God is the sender of new life and it seeks to prevent him.

Is Natural Family Planning a sin?

It leaves sex open to life. But it is never right to reduce the chances of conception using this method unless there is a grave risk to the health of the mother from another pregnancy.  The method is working with God to reduce the chances of conception but however if any method takes place that guarantees conception cannot take place then it is sinful.  All sex must be open to life.

What are the bad results of acceptance of contraception?

The tendency to think that anything can be allowed even homosexuality for sex is just for recreation.  Nature is contradicted.  The child rapist is bad only because he hurt the child not because the child was a child for nature doesn’t matter. 

How can you prove that the ban on contraception is infallible doctrine?

From the constant tradition of the Church which has only been questioned in latter decades by modernist “Catholics” and Protestant heretics.  Constant tradition is infallible.  Also the Bible condemns homosexuality and bestiality which by implication says that sex must be kept within the boundaries of what is natural.

Is homosexuality ever about love?

God's plan is that marriage be between one man and one woman for life.  Homosexuality is a disorder.  The love is the disorder speaking . It is not real love and homosexual people have no right to ask us to believe they can love their partners.  Even if homosexuals could marry, the disorder would prevent them making a valid lifelong commitment as normal couples could.

Marriage and Celibacy

Why is sex outside of married love a sin?

Because it is giving yourself to another who has not proved they love you for better or for worse which only marriage can prove.

Should we encourage marriage?

We should not for the apostle wrote that it is only for those who burn with lust and cannot control themselves (1 Corinthians 7:9).  We should encourage vocations to the priesthood and religious life instead.

What does this teaching of the apostle show?

That marriage is only for procreation, having children. Those who burn with lust and need marriage to control themselves will produce many children.

Is virginity higher than marriage?


Where does scripture say such a thing?

The best way to prepare for the return of Jesus is by good works and love and prayer. Yet Paul excluded marriage and said it was a distraction and he allowed it only to guard against fornication.

Why do priests not marry?

Because they stand in the place of Christ and must serve the Church in freedom from family life. Priests are holy and since we are to discourage sexual expression, a priest must abstain from pleasures of the flesh even in marriage. This is divine law.

Why is marriage a sacrament?

Marriage existed and was unbreakable before our Lord made it a sacrament. Because God had revealed how man abuses sexuality, God found it necessary to make marriage a sacrament to prevent the dangers to salvation that arise from sexuality and to elevate the union of man and woman to a help to Heaven. 

How can you prove that marriage is a sacrament to prevent the dangers that arise from sexuality and to keep it under control?

Because otherwise we find it impossible to see what marriage needed to be made a sacrament for.

Is sex in marriage always a sin?

When the blessed apostle discouraged marriage and denied people could prepare for it for the coming of Christ it must have been because sex even in marriage is mostly tainted with concupiscence or sin. This is not to say that all sex in marriage is sinful.

When is sex in marriage least likely to be a sin?

When the husband and wife come together to produce new life for God’s Church. Sex during pregnancy or during the infertile time are always sinful for the risk of concupiscence is taken.

Why is marriage a sacrament?

Marriage is a sacrament for it is necessary for the human race and the grace of God is necessary to avoid sexual sin so that marriage will not be a barrier to salvation but a help.

Should we treat marriage as a celebration?

Only as a religious celebration. The festivities after marriage are not right for marriage is a concession made to human concupiscence. It is the fulfilment of marriage in the birth of a child that should be celebrated instead.

Are there marriages which are not sacraments?

Yes and they are most dangerous. The apostle allows such marriages to be ended when both husband and wife consent. But to remarry he gives no permission.

Why is divorce a sin?

Because it prevents marriage being a contract of unconditional love. Christ condemned divorce as sinful.  You cannot divorce your parents so how can you validly divorce your wife?

The Family Structure

Is man the head of woman?

A woman must submit to male authority and must not make decisions on her own. 

Does the father and the mother in second place have authority over their children all their lives?

Yes for it is written to adults to obey their parents (Ephesians 6:1 – the word children isn’t in the original).  However, it is only godly parents who are true Catholics that are to be obeyed forever.

Why must parents be obeyed so all our lives?

Because they are the servants of the priest in ruling the parish and stand in his place and the priest is the servant of the bishop and the bishop is the servant of the pope who reigns on earth in the place of Jesus Christ.

Why are women not ordained to the priesthood?

Women are not called to the priesthood by God. The priesthood is not a right but a gift from God. Tradition never used women priests or bishops. Men are not called to be mothers. Men are not called to motherhood and there is nothing unfair about this.  A hat cannot complain that it wasn’t a necklace.


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