Catholic doctrine gets narrow.  You are your body.  You don't have a body.  You are a body.  So all giving of yourself is giving yourself.  But because the Church wants to come up with ideas such as that its a sort of lie to have sex with somebody you are not married to.  It says your body says that you give yourself even if it means a new life, a child will result, when you have sex.

A lot of things could be interpreted as the language of self-giving not just sex. When you give your time and your body and yourself to work for an employer you are giving yourself. If sex means you are giving yourself this means it even more for work can be worse than marriage and you can’t have a marriage without work and money.
The Church allows you to remarry if your spouse dies. If sex implies the legitimacy of the extreme and puritanical self-giving misery that the Church wants for those who have sex then it is clear that if a man has sex with his wife and she dies he should never marry again because in the body-language of sex he gave his entire self to his dead wife. “But she is dead”, you might say. But that is not the point. She could be nearly completely brain dead and the man wouldn’t be allowed another chance for there is still life in her. But the point is, he gave her himself absolutely to the exclusion of all others. He gave her the most valuable thing he had: himself indicating complete sacrifice. This implicitly means that he cannot legitimately remarry if she dies!
It is tragic that even some people who disagree with the Church on contraception still praise the ideals behind the Church’s thinking. This is worrying because such neurotic and unnatural self-sacrifice could never be praiseworthy.
To claim as the Church does, that contracepting sex is a lie is to accuse all who use it of bad faith. But Catholics may object that they do not judge. When they say that, they mean they judge the act not the person who commits it. So they are accusing them of lying for only persons can lie. Nobody could possibly agree that people have a right to lie to one another through sex so logically it is quite right for the Catholic Church to manipulate the law of the land to outlaw contraception just like it did in Ireland until recently. It would imply that a wife has a duty to separate from her husband on the grounds that he can’t be trusted if he has a stronger belief in contraception than she has or if he wants contraception to be used. Then to say we must be tolerant about contraception is to say we must be tolerant and accepting of people who lie to us which makes a laughing stock of belief in right and wrong.

The Church says that artificial birth control is evil for it is unnatural. But so are glasses and clothes. She says that Jesus was born unnaturally from a virgin. The Church then responds that birth control is an unnatural sin and is not like wearing glasses for you wear glasses for there is something wrong with you but birth control is for preventing things from working as they should. But when nature makes your body want sex when it is not the time to have a child there is something wrong with you and you need the contraception. Why isn’t it an unnatural sin to wear glasses when you don’t need to, say when you are just pottering round the house? We come before nature so we have to go against it all the time to live.
It is against natural law to cut your finger nails. It is against nature to cut your throat. The Church says that the first is neither immoral or moral. It says the second is immoral. It may be forced to admit that something cannot be condemned as morally wrong just because it is against physical nature. So if it wants to condemn birth control it has to argue that it is an unnatural sin on the basis that it is natural law to exercise some self-control. This idea denies that sexual love in marriage is good. It can't be that loving when it needs to be controlled. If the sex is loving then the more sex the better.
The failing to cut your finger nails and keep them tidy can indicate disrespect for yourself and those who see them. The Church lies in making it neither immoral or moral.
Even if birth control were a sin, there is no justification or reason in the insistence of the Church that it is as bad as murder and you will go to Hell forever if you die unrepentant of the sin of birth control just like you would for murder. The stance of the Church is extremism and bigotry. The Church could teach that it is venial sin - this is sin that you have to pay for by suffering in Purgatory not a sin so serious that you would suffer punishment for it that never ends and which can never end.
Natural family planning treats your fertility as if it were something bad or dangerous which is why it lets the couple have sex when the fertility is out of the way. It has that in common with contraception. The Church again is condemning contraception though natural family planning should be condemned too.

You cannot condemn birth control for being unnatural for we have to go against nature all the time to live. Potatoes are for growing. Stones are for lying about and not for making into houses. Those who say that birth control is evil because it is unnatural are stating that natural law is more important than human welfare. We come first.

The Church says that birth control makes men use women for their own pleasure and presumably it makes women use men for pleasure too. So, she wants men to use women to have unwanted children instead. It is worse to treat a woman as a baby-making machine than as a sex object. Nothing makes men use women – they don’t have to have this manipulative attitude. So the Church is partly forbidding birth control because it is abused that that is unfair. When the Church allows barren couples some of whom wouldn’t want children anyway to have sex it is impossible to see how it can argue that sterilised couples are abusing one another when they are having sex.

The Church says that artificial birth control leads to abortion and that makes birth control and even indirectly murderous. The pope, who has to know from his philosophy and training in logic and from his critics that he is wrong, sees the fight against abortion and birth control as one and the same battle. They obviously are not. Birth-control using barrier methods does not mean abortion will be more likely if they fail for you are trying to prevent conception and that does not mean you would want to get rid of a baby if you get pregnant. Birth-control using pills which prevent the embryo implanting should not lead to abortion either if they fail. Why? Because there is a difference between killing some cells by a birth control pill and killing an embryo that is more advanced. Many people who would not have an abortion use the pill. At this point the Church will use statistics to back up her allegations. But no matter what the statistics say it is not the fault of belief in birth-control if people using it will be more inclined to abortion. There would have to be another explanation for the figures. And there are many statistics from research organisations that give a totally different picture from the one the Church wants to give. If people were more careful abortion would not be necessary. People are going to have sex anyway and not allowing them to use contraception is forcing them to use abortion for they will panic if conception results. There would be more abortions and regrets without it. Even if there isn’t there shouldn’t be and it is still right to encourage contraception for you can’t ban things just because people misuse them. The rates of misuse fall and climb all the time anyway so you can’t determine morality by looking at the rates.

Using the safe period will lead to abortion the woman does not want but which she will have out of desperation for it is only permitted to be used for grave reasons meaning that if it fails the woman will panic. It should lead to abortion and it does. The fear the woman will feel while using it can only be alleviated by intending to use abortion to rectify the situation. She must secretly intend to abort for there is no other way she can cope.
Some Catholics assert that birth control makes people see the children they have a result of its failure as unfortunate accidents. But seeing children that way would be the fault of the parents and not of contraception. The children would be accidents but once the pregnancies are discovered the parents would start to love and accept the children. They should think that the child is a fortunate accident who was born at the wrong time but who is still welcome. If people really believe that birth control degrades children then they should never allow it and should make the pope oppose the natural method. The natural method is allowed to fail a bit. After all, it is supposed to be open to life should God so will to create life. Anybody trying to avoid children even by contraception could resolve to welcome any baby that comes as a result of the contraception failing.

It is feared by opponents of artificial birth control that it will lead to people losing restraint in sexual matters. God is supposed to help you fight temptation so don’t blame birth control. It is true that a person might use contraception to have sex whenever and with whoever he or she wants but that would be abusing contraception. You cannot condemn anything because it is abused. Why don’t they complain to God that some people who are not suited to partners have huge sex drives?

The Church says that birth control loosens the marriage bond – it makes partners less afraid of going to bed with someone else. But what about the fact that the Church says that Jesus is there to keep marriage together so he can handle that possibility? And when people can do lots of things in bed besides intercourse we see the silliness of the allegation. If there were no contraception there might be loads of married people having oral sex with their extra-marital lovers. If that became the norm and it could, there would be more cheating than there would be with contraception being common. The Church does not condemn oral sex and masturbation and anal sex with the vehemence and vigour that it uses against contraception. They pick on the one sexual sin, contraception. Nobody dies from oral sex or anal sex or masturbation. But people do die from there been no contraception or not using it properly. How warped is this Church?
So the Church wants people to be scared of pregnancy and disease to put them off having forbidden sex. The Church wants people to be afraid to break God’s law, nice. People should do right because they want to and not because pregnancy or something else scares them. What if women use the natural method to have more lovers? They could.
If contraception were used properly and enhanced marriage and prevented disease the Church would still forbid it. Yet it has the nerve to try and cite the failure of contraception at times to prevent pregnancy and to prevent disease to scare people off using it or allowing it or advising it!

It is said that contraception makes illicit sex more likely but the fact is that the fear of pregnancy does not always stop sex happening. The Church believes that sex should be genital to genital and that oral sex and other things are perversions. It prefers unprotected vaginal sex to oral sex for the latter is “unnatural”. If the Church does not want such “perversion” then why does it force it to happen by banning birth control?

The Church says that pregnancy should be avoided out of the love of God and not out of the fear of pregnancy or what comes after so it cannot forbid birth control on the grounds of deterring people. God only wants what is done for his own sake.

Religious morality only leads to lies and unfairness. Catholicism tries to turn people against the pill with arguments such as what follows. "The pill causes havoc with a woman's body. It could damage her fertility forever. It kills any baby she conceives by preventing implantation. It increases the risk of breast cancer." This conniving cult purposely ignores the fact that there are risks with everything we do. If Catholicism was not trying to manipulate women and society to turn against the pill it would condemn driving a car with a petrol engine and would certainly condemn smoking which does far more harm than the pill ever could. In reality the reasons given have nothing to do with Catholicism banning birth control at all. It is because they won't admit that their faith is wrong. They are trying to make it seem that they prohibit because they care. They are insecure about the reasons for their prohibiting and so they have to use subterfuge.

Is the fact that if you can control people’s sexuality you can control them in all things, the real reason why the Church bans birth control? The fact that Roman Catholicism allows people who cannot have children to wed says the answer is yes. It does not tell barren or old couples to refrain from sex except when the urge is uncontrollable and may result in adultery as St Augustine would have done.

The Church doesn't mind sex within and babies resulting in a marriage which may not last or one that WILL not last even when the husband and wife know it. It pretends to care. 


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