Just like the pope is only the head of the Church for Catholics when it suits, so Jesus is the shower of the way to God when it suits. It is very manipulative for people who never so much as spent a half an hour having coffee with Jesus to speak for him and say what he would do. It is not worship. It is disgusting.

The popular saying, "What would Jesus do?" assumes Jesus was a good role model. It is a clever trick. You end up working out the best thing to do and imagine that Jesus would have done it. Thus Jesus gets glory he is not entitled to. Thus the priests and clergy and preachers get glory too for lying about this outstanding role model.

And of course you pay lip service to Jesus' wisdom - it is yourself you are proud of for being so wise that you can know what this wise Jesus would think.

Jesus is made out to be this inclusive person to whom sin did not mean much. In fact he made it clear he would exclude people who thought they were Christians and that mere anger is murder and that lust in the heart is adultery. This does not translate into a man who really is relevant or sane.

Incredibly people say that Jesus gave away everything he owned to the poor and devoted his life to those in need. He devoted his life to those who had his version of spiritual need and Jesus never said he gave anything to the poor. He could have had a stash of cash in Nazareth. He was not going to transport that around a bandit-ridden country.

The first gospel, Mark, has Jesus showing barely any interest in preaching love. Any good deeds done are lazy ones - he just does a miracle. John is the gospel that preaches most about love but it is unthinkable that its version of Jesus who was constantly preaching love and thinking about it could be the real one. The first gospel reads as if it were the most plausible. John clearly had to invent this super-loving Jesus. No gospel would leave out such loving utterances and advice. And Jesus in Mark is careful to keep love to be a vague love for humanity - there is no real love. The real deal is directed at specific people and that is that. Anybody can feel they love something vague. Their love is transparent and hollow.


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