What is God?
God is supposed to be an all-good being who has unlimited supernatural power and who made all things to whom worship is due.
Why would a supreme being who was all-good but not all-powerful not be entitled to be worshipped as God?
Because you may as well worship your baby for your baby cannot do wrong but is wholly good.
Why would a supreme being who was all-powerful but not all good have no entitlement to be called God or worshipped as God?
Because that implies that he should be worshipped because of his power and not because of his goodness.
What do mean when you say God creates?
That he makes all things out of nothing.
Why do Christians say God created all things?
They say that all things must have been made from nothing by God. They say that nothing can come from nothing.  So God made all things out of nothing.
Is creation possible?
No. Believers say something cannot come from nothing. They say only nothing comes from nothing. Then they contradict this by saying God made all things from nothing. They use words deceivingly like this. If nothing can come from nothing then making something from nothing is saying something came come from nothing. Then they contradict this by saying God can make it come from nothing.
If it makes no sense to talk in terms of making something out of nothing then is it worse than saying making bread out of solid iron is possible?
Yes. The doctrine of creation is absurd.
Why do many people think or feel that something can be made from nothing?
Because they mistake nothing for an ingredient. But it is not for there is nothing there.
Do believers in God deny that he made all things out of his own power?
Yes - that would not be creation but making something out of something.
Do believers in God say that God used his power on nothing to turn it into something?
Yes - but this is impossible because if nothing can become something then why can't something be real and not real in the same way at the same time?
Do we know how the universe came to be?
That will never be fully understood for we cannot go back and test.  We cannot even understand a single grain of sand completely. We must treat our existence and that of the universe as a brute fact. That is, it is there. We are here. Let's get on with it.  We must learn as much as we can though and be ready in theory for an explanation that we can understand.
Does the appearance of design indicate that God exists?
No - a power that can seemingly design could have appeared by chance and done the designing. No being has the right to be worshipped unless it is a God of unlimited power and goodness. Anything else is not a God no matter who calls it a God.
Can you believe in a being that made and designed all things and still be an Atheist?
Yes if the being is regarded as an impersonal intelligence and not a God. 


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