Adorable Pope Benedict XVI addressed the fools who attended the Eucharistic Congress in Dublin in 2012 in a distant and unfriendly and cold way. He said it was a mystery how child abusing clerics and religious could eat the Lord's body and confess their sins and go out and commit the crimes they did.

MY REACTION: A mystery why people can receive the body of Christ and confess their sins and still go out and abuse children? If we depend on sacraments that do not work then there is no mystery! If the sacraments work Catholics would be better than other people. But they are neither better or worse. Where are the tests and trials to see if the sacraments really have an effect on people? Sacramentalism is in violation of the fact that religion should stick to the evidence. It does not respect our right to truth and evidence.

If man wants to feel he does good without doing it, the ideal way is to resort to prayer and giving out sacraments!

Also, the church says the Eucharist does not physically change into Jesus but it still says it is Jesus. Sounds like pretending to me! The Bible is very severe against the worship of something that when attacked cannot defend itself. Can a wafer prevent you from tossing it into the fire?

Religious teachers who give useless remedies for sin and evil are responsible if their victims do evil. Benedict is to blame as well as the perpetrators and he knows it. And he only apologised for the abuse because he was forced to. He only started doing something about it when put under pressure.

The implication of the Lord's body thing is that by providing it the Church was giving medicine against the sins of child sex abuse by clerics!  That is a disgraceful superstitious assumption and a cop-out.

Re Vatican claiming that it never advised its representatives to cover up clerical sex abuse, UN, 2014

The Roman Catholic clergy would have known of the extent and nature of clerical sex abuse from the confessional. You get a penance in confession. No priest ever told his "penitent" paedophile priest to turn himself in. Because the unique way of getting knowledge - no other organisation has such access to the facts - the Church must be treated with utmost severity.


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