Catholicism has a vast and long history.  It claims to be a better force for good than anything else has been.  But you would need a huge number of studies to check that out.  Given that the New Testament bans religious boasting and says that God does all the work to help you be good its argument is incredibly unChristian.  Yet the lie has been very successful.

A parent should want what is best for their child so at best they can say, "We will get our little one christened into the Catholic faith for if it does no good then at least it will do no harm."  That is very lukewarm.  The child will not get much of a chance to grow from Catholicism assuming there is such a chance.  And how do you know it will do no harm?  If it does no good then it is doing harm by saying it does good.

And why are you getting the child baptised if it means so little?   If you were tossing a coin, heads - christen, tails - don't christen then fair enough.  But your going ahead and christening shows you are not putting the child first. 

It is the bigotry of low expections if you think your child will not be willing to take any fallout from not being baptised and challenge.

Baptism is done in the name, that is the authority of God.  It is the name and then you have the Father and Son and Holy Spirit.  It is not the names.  If God has not authorised this then you are setting your child against God.  And the rite is stating that God has clearly revealed the Jesus stuff so it is committing your child to follow Jesus's worldview and his doctrines.  Baptism is an oath to indoctrinate.

Plus it is only granted on the condition that you will educate your child in the vicious gospels and in Church tradition. 

Plus it leads to Christian schools which indoctrinate through their ethos and religious classes.

Buddhism tells you why you should not becoming Buddhist for it is aware that only informed choice is choice.  Anything  else is a response to manipulation.  Parents typically cannot make an informed choice to be Catholic for themselves never mind for their child.  Yet Church teaching is that the child cannot choose so the parents do it for her or him.

If you don't care if your child is let down by being falsely told

that prayer or sacraments heal them of bad traits

Or that God will be with them in terrible suffering

That the Bible is truly from God and is to be treated as if God wrote it directly

Then shame on you.

The Roman Catholic Church got control of the primary education system. It did not give people the rules of right thinking. It did not provide classes in psychology. It did not provide classes in basic philosophy and ethics. Instead, the goal was to have religion classes that merely assert Catholic doctrines as the truth. For example, the religion class will assert that it is a sin not to go to Mass except for a grave reason. It is asserted. The child is given no sensible or cogent reasons for going. Roman Catholicism is a system of potential spiritual abuse of the child.  And actual.  Remember that potential may be worse than what is actually happening and it will bear its toxic fruit.

As a parent nobody has the right to assume you will or should organise baptism for your child.  It is not just about your own child either.


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