Is religion guilty of objective deception?
Yes anything that is wrong or incorrect involves unintentional misleading. If peoples' intentions are good, they will rejoice in being corrected.
Is religion guilty of subjective deception?
Always. It only gets members because they are babies and can't speak for themselves or because they are adults who are not told the proper cons as well as the pros.
What cons should every religion inform prospective members about?
The degrading side of belief in God and the supernatural and the dangers of superstition. Even if religion were rational, most people would be religious for superstitious reasons. Little effort is made by religion to eliminate superstition though it pretends to condemn it as degrading to those who embrace it.
What does the deception then imply about religion?
Those who are sincere believers implicitly are committed to the truth. Thus their commitment to their religion is not genuine because it is based on lies they have been told. A woman who loves a man who deceives her grievously only loves what she thinks he is. She is committed to how she sees him not him. Same principle.
Do people have a right to be wrong?
Does that mean we should manipulate and bully people to persuade them to accept the truth?
No. Error deserves no respect but people do. Error is not a person with rights. 
Does this imply we should use the law to sanction against religion?
No. There is nothing wrong with objective public debate. That's the way to go. Using force only makes religion stronger.


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