Religiously lax religious terrorists


There are those who say that suicide bombers and murderous religious fanatics are not that religious if they are negligent about public worship and the sexual mores of their religion. This is an attempt to prevent anybody wondering if the religion is a contributing factor. (It is evil and disingenuous and irresponsible. It shows no concern for how there could be worse done tomorrow in the name of the religion. People need warning. The religion would not exist if it itself did not tell that lie.) Its prophet or God man would not have started it without telling that lie. The idea is the terrorist is too much of a hypocrite to warrant believing if they say they do it for God or faith. If anybody wants to argue that then they have to also argue that a person who is fully or strongly or partly motivated by religious concerns to kill others and maybe kill herself or himself in the process will show reasonable devotion or strong devotion. This shows how absurd they are being and that religion can cause violence. The religion should not be supported at all which is why those who are peaceful need to realise that they make the force that turns some of their number violent and genocidal. You cannot tar all people with the same brush in normal situations but this is different. All religionists are connected to the terrorist because of that and that is the honest truth.


Pointing to some faith terrorists who violate their religion's rules and don’t attend regular worship or who sleep with prostitutes or whatever to try and prove religion innocent as a system of belief will not do.  The question, “Is the religion or superstition or faith to blame?” could still be answered with a big yes.  If a religion is superstition then what do you expect?  The laxity of the terrorists proves how much to blame the religion is for the terrorism.

The religion is still to blame for every religionist has favourite rules and a pope who likes the bottle can be a good pope otherwise.

It may be that they think they are making up for disobedience by jihad.

God is all-forgiving. The spiritual notion that sorry is enough to cancel grave sins trivialises sin and that has to have an effect. Mature forgiving is a process that demands a lot of talking and hard work from the offended and the offender. Religious forgiveness is not forgiveness at all for that element is missing.  There is no debate with God. If a person is harmed then the perpetrator looking for and feeling he has got forgiveness is a disgrace and an outrage. Religious forgiveness is just being soft on the sin as long as some kind of sorrow however weak is expressed. The weaker the repentance the bigger the insult.

They may think their god is not in a position to judge them for the religion he created is hardly perfect itself.

They may notice that their religion does not care about the terrible things it did in the past and notice how its tries to make out that because it is in the past that makes it right to ignore it now. What matters is that it happened. Its being in the past does absolutely nothing to make it right or in any way to be stomached.  An excellent example of how loving Christians or whatever really are! The victims are people long dead so the religionists can safely degrade them without fear of consequences.

If Christians have a Bible that endorses a God who is racist and hates women and loves bloodshed and plague and destruction they will end up no better themselves. They will show their true colours when able.  The same goes for any religion.   And if they think they have such a Bible that would do the trick too. It happens with Islam all the time.  It is a mistake then with all that immorality to assume that believers who are lax with their religion and who kill and hurt in its name are lying or mistaken and that the religion as a religion is innocent. 

The terrorists could try to be devout and fail simply because there is no grace,  help from God, in the religion.  In that case it is the religion's fault and the fault of the liars that invented the religion.

If the terrorists say they are dying and killing for their religion then they are even if they were inadequate followers of the religion up to to the present time.


If religion perhaps of a certain type leads to violence or can lead to it then why can't a cherry-picked version of it do that too?  You can cherry-pick ANOTHER religion, one other than your own, and that can cause you to be violent in the name of spirituality or faith.  Faith or prayer or spirituality can be the flea that gets you over the cliff edge.  You may not have much religion but enough of it and enough of the most worrying part of it to make you a terrorist.  You may choose to atone for laxity with your sacrifice.


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