If you know religion is wrong then leave it

Leaving false religion is essential - defect!

It's only a human construct which means your opinion is as good as its.  So don't let it control you or intrude in your life.  You have a right to access to the facts.  Facts matter and opinion is nothing in comparison.

To be classed as a member of a religion when you are reasonably certain the religion is false is wrong. Leave for the sake of the principle.

It is important to go to your leader and ask for your name to be removed as a member. It is important to have yourself excommunicated. To follow correct spiritual teaching, is to automatically renounce your baptism - baptism makes you a church member - and reverse the vows pertaining to it whether you realise it or not. When you taste spiritual truth, you simply undo the good you do yourself by tasting it if you fail to extricate yourself from religion.

As long as you have your name on the lists, you are being counted a member of religion even if you are lapsed. It uses such information to make itself seem very powerful and influential to government statistics offices. Merely having your name on the membership rolls is supporting the Church. When that happens, governments often begin to let religion have a say in how they do their job. People get hurt. Religion gets the power to spread harmful and irresponsible ideas.

If people don't be themselves they are cheating themselves. They are harming themselves and they will harm others as a consequence. Be strong and be happy and be yourself and you will get true respect. Don't let people respect a false image of you. That is not respecting you.

Remember, if everybody refused to leave a religion or group the world would make no progress. Don't take advantage of another's courage, develop your own courage.

Doing things that upset others is unavoidable in life. Try and be a kinder person and make the break from religion. Then your break probably will not upset people as much as you think. If they see you happy, they will be fine. If they are not then they were never your friends anyway.

Religion is only for those who are at least trying to believe in it and who believe a lot of it. It is not fair to take advantage of the benefits of being considered a member when your beliefs are so different from its.

People stop going to Church when the Church fails to be relevant or helpful. But as long as they consider themselves members they are doing wrong for going to church is a requirement. The honest and decent solution is to write a letter to the Church authorities and sever membership. Then not going to church will not be wrong any more. Then you will not be burdening your heart with wrongdoing and disloyalty that is totally unnecessary.

You are not obligated to belong to any religion or to go to any Church. Our refraining from doing so, is just reflecting that and is not about bigotry or rejecting people. Hate is an ineffective means of social change.

Separate from religion and be your own saviour and pope and Messiah and even your own God! Assert your own identity. As long as you don't, you are not you but a puppet to some degree. You are to be as God to others. Feed the hungry. Clothe the naked. Heal the sick.

Our hearts burn like mystics but we live like secularists! And let it be so!


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