Suppose all things really did come from nothing, or not from anything as some prefer to put it. Then creation out of nothing proves that everything is made by and of magic!

There could have been nothing.

There isn't.

So why is there something?

One answer goes, "Because it is logically impossible for there to have been nothing. We cannot understand this. But it is true. Our logic is limited so we will never understand. Our logic tells us that it was possible for there to have been nothing at all but it must be wrong in this. There is something we don't understand."

This answer would be atheistic for it denies the doctrine that God made all things of his own free choice. [A God who has no choice may be an intelligence but it is not a God.] Or it would deny that a maker is needed at all.

So let us go to the question.

Why is there something rather than nothing?

God religion says God is the answer for he made all things out nothing.

Nothing is nothing meaning nothing can come from it. It is not like a material from which you can make things. To say that what exists came from nothing makes more sense than to say God made it from nothing.

Look at the options.

1-God can make something from nothing.

2-What exists came from nothing and wasn't made. In other words, it popped out of nothing.

3-The universe made itself.

All seem illogical. Nothing can come from nothing.

The first is most illogical. It adds to the problem by assuming there is a God. What caused him to be? And even a God can't make something out of nothing because there is nothing there. There is no making. You are still saying something popped out of nothing. That is mad enough but it is worse to introduce the idea of God making things out of nothing. That cannot be done. God or no God creation popped out of nothing. So God is eliminated as an explanation. He isn't even necessary or relevant because even if he exists, all things came into being without being made.

We have no choice but to use number 2 as the lesser absurdity.

We don't know how nothing can become something. Perhaps we just know it happened. Some would say, "It is the same with our powers of free will - we may not understand them but we take the word of our experience for it that we have got them."  If so then number 2, as silly as it seems, has to be accepted as a brute fact that we don't understand.

It is logically ridiculous to say that lifeless things with no awareness need to exist unless unless they exist to be used by us. This makes the God stuff problematic for what use is a rock in the next universe to us?  What if nothing existed ever only a brick?  The question, "Why is there something rather than nothing?" is made to look deeper and more profound than it actually is.

Mystics might say, "It is sensible to say that all immaterial things exist to serve and be used by us who are conscious living beings. Whatever exists, exists for us and other beings endowed with consciousness. We do not need to understand how things came to be to understand that."  Woo.  The next step is this, "Some say God made all things. Why is there a God when there could have been nothing? Again the answer is that God must exist for us as well." But in that case he is not God. God is supposed to be supreme and omnipotent and to have made all things not out of need but just because he chose to. We will believe that we are divine or in a sense more important than God. 

If you think magic made all things then you will argue, "We know that the powers that cause things to be are supernatural. They are magical. Existence is supernatural. Forget about debates about God and gods and demons. The essential point is that existence is a miracle, it cannot be explained or understood. You can explain how a magician can bring a rabbit out of a hat. But not if he uses supernatural means for this accomplishment. If it is supernatural it seems to make no sense, and you cannot understand it. But that is all it is.  It does make sense though we do not understand.  Why is it important to know that our existence is magical and inexplicable and supernatural? Because it highlights how wonderful we are and shows us that everything is a miracle. Perhaps we can make miracles by using the power of thought.  Perhaps God does that."  The idea leads to all sorts of dangerous notions such as magic.  Magic blames the victims of accidents and tragedies for not doing protection spells.  Clearly for some everything is magic. The religious or mystical person is more aware than anybody else and is a special person, a narcissist. Their teaching calls an atheist blind and stupid.

Believers say that if we say there is no God we are saying that the universe is self-generating. That is not true. We are not saying the universe made itself. We are saying it popped into existence.  We will be accused of saying that magic without a magician made all things.  But magic is a power a magician wields so what?  Electricity is not real just because electricians are real.  And the magic interpretation is a straw-man.  We are saying we are choosing the best option though we do not understand it and leaving it there.


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