The letter of Jude, a man reared with Jesus?

The letter of Jude in the New Testament is the letter of a man who was by some supposed to be the brother of Jesus. Some said the twin.

Jude complains about heretics who condemned the angels. He means the Gnostics who held that angels made and or ruled the world and were bad. Clearly Jude agreed with them that angels did make or rule the world. Christianity has conveniently forgotten that doctrine. Jude said that rather than condemn the angels we should follow the example of Michael the Archangel who refused to rebuke Satan in a dispute over who should have the body of Moses. Michael just said, "May the Lord punish you". So Michael is being held up as an example! So it is better to wish punishment on Satan from God than to rebuke him! Big difference! What Michael said was as much a judgement of Satan as bad as rebuke would be. If nobody can rebuke Satan then how come Christians in the Bible and ever since feel entitled to tell Satan to go away and rebuke him in the exorcisms they attempt? How could Jesus justify rebuking Satan? Christians say it was different for Jesus for Jesus was not an angel like Michael but God himself. But that would imply the stupid idea that nobody has the right to rebuke except God. Also Jesus had only a minority who believed he was God so his example was a bad one. There is no doubt that Jude rejected anybody who dared to say that Jesus rebuked demons or anybody. This implies that a large part of the gospels is lies.


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