If a person would be unperceptive enough to say yes that still does not give them the right to let the Church have their children or their little brothers and sisters. 

A Church that has gay marriage is still a church that risks the lives of LGBT sex workers or those who are very sexually liberated and don't want the restriction of marriage.  And the triggering texts in its Bible and written by its saints still exist.   If it happens that lifelong commitment is accepted it will cause polarisation in the LGBT community which does tend, thanks to Christianity, to categorise LGBT people, who are very sexually free and feel no need for lifelong love as sluts. The teaching that we must not judge those who have lots of partners in bed is sneaky. It implies, "I don't know the full situation and so I can't judge. But if I could know it I would." The judging is still happening in principle. People will see through it and be gravely damaged by Christianity's promotion of holiness and opposition to sin.

The Bible contains vicious anti-gay and anti-unbeliever statements. If LGBT or atheist people want to change the Church, then those statements need to be excised from the Bible and declared to be of human not godly origin. Can you imagine the Church doing that and then having to do the same for other groups that are not happy with the scriptures? For the Church to do that would be to admit that it is a man-made religion that has a Bible that claims to be written by God which is really just human and unfit to be called a revelation from God.
To assert that the Church will never take the side of gay rights is not pessimistic. The Church can't please everybody and shouldn't even try. LGBT people are not the only people who want their own kind of change in the Church. The Anglican Communion wants the Roman Catholic Church to accept its bishops as real bishops and to accept the ordination of women and then they might consider reunion with Rome. Women want the teaching against contraception changed.

The Roman Catholic Church is not going to risk a Church split of unprecedented proportions to accept gay people. LGBT people comprise less than 2% of the population for heaven's sake. If that acceptance were to happen, traditional Catholics would soon create their Roman Catholic Church Continuing or True Roman Catholic Church and there will be a number of men in Rome each claiming to be the one true Pope and to represent the true Catholic faith. To say the Church needs to change is really to ask the Church to deny that it teaches objective truth and to repudiate real Catholicism. It is to declare the Church as a system of doctrine to be just an assumption based on the absurd and loathsome principles of moral relativism. To take such a stance means that one follows the Church out of sentiment not faith and that is not following the Church at all. It is letting feelings be in charge.
Until you the LGBT person gives me evidence, don't you refer to my proposal as pessimistic.  Tell me if the Catholic Church is going to consider making gay porn no longer a sin in order to protect the dignity of those who work in it.  Tell me if the Church is going admit people have the right to have casual sex without love.  Tell me if the Church is going give women the right to have babies without having a relationship with a man.  Tell me if the Church is going to affirm sexualities based around the right and desire to have open sexual relationships.  Tell me if the Church is going to make marriage optional and one valid lifestyle among many.  Tell me if the Church is going to promote the mental health of the Church and encourage young people over the legal age to experiment with sex with their own sex f they feel the need.

You know fine well that the Church would have to say that only lifelong gay relationships built on love are moral if the impossible happened and it changed its mind on gay people. But it will never go further than that.  And it can change its mind again for society can revert to homophobia. Same sex marriage rules can be made unworkable or abolished.

We need change soon not in a hundred years or in a thousand. And the change cannot happen for it will be telling Catholics that man has the right to change what the Church calls divine revelation and turn the Church antichrist.
To support the Catholic system is to support an information network that seeks to make homosexuality and atheism look bad and look like a sin. Have you read Catholic Voice and Alive? They contain alarming fulminations against atheist parents in particular and atheists in general and contain rabid anti-LGBT teachings.

Anybody who does not like my suggestion that LGBT people need to fit into the no religion box or find an inclusive faith shows they have, not surprisingly, lost confidence in their own drivel.


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