Liberal Christianity is not Liberal and is not Christianity

Liberal Christianity is not Liberal and is not Christianity.

It deliberately makes revelation mean not clear communication but some vague impression.  It deliberately leaves you creating your own man-made faith and offers you a man-made church to help you develop it.  It is not liberal to turn man into God.  The problem is not if the men make too many rules or two little.  The problem is that man is not God.

Liberal Christianity says that the Bible might not be right at times about what God is and what he is like but shows how it took time for people to see what he was like.  They reject the many parts where God commands cruel extreme violence.  He is not merely asking for his people to slay people with spears but to cruelly stone them to death.  This is like looking at Mein Kamph and upholding it as an example of progress for it is not all bad.  The Bible is moral injury on paper.  We should feel shame over it.  It is so monstrous that anything would be progress so who do these virtue-signallers think they are?  Venerating an evil old book and saying you only like the good parts is halo-shining, smug, disgusting, off-putting.  Your compassion does not extend to the evil people who made the evil rules in God's name and those who preserved them.  It does not extend to their victims.  It does not extend to those who read your Bible and who sense that the good was necessary in order to allow the religion to continue to do evil.  All tyrants try to do enough good.

No two liberal Christians are the same.  One can want conservatives in jail just for their opinions.  Another may want abortion up to birth on demand.  It is not true that a liberal as a monopoly on inclusion and non-violence.  No matter how much two liberals disagree and consider each other to have some harmful views, they are both responsible for this.  Liberalism assumes that this debating and acting on bad beliefs can be a good thing.

Narcissists who wish to flaunt their moral evolution, their compassion, and how they enhance it in those whom they influence want books of extreme evil to show "how incredible I am that I am not like Moses who had children cruelly slaughtered to death."  They need to contrast themselves with the worst of human nature.  The religious version of narcissism is selective and chooses the Bible God and his Bible characters.  This selectiveness shows this is not about really trying to be good for if you hate evil, you will hate it in people instead of just concentrating on the Bible villains. 

Other issues will now be discussed.

First, it looks arrogant if the liberals simply want to be seen as better than normal people.  So they want, yes I said want, evil monsters to feel good about rejecting them and bask in a smug glow.  They are drawn to horrible examples of spiritual/religious evil for they think this makes their own virtue shine brighter.  They should be embarrassed to harp on about being progressive.

Second, they are hinting that anybody can become a Moses unlike them.  So it reveals an appalling view of human nature.  See their contempt!  This is all about being grandiose in their own mind. 

Third, how sure are they that they are as good as they want to think they are - and as they want you to think - when they have to use awful human beings as the converse of themselves?  Not sure.  This leads to narcissistic fragility. 

Fourth, they would shoot those murderous prophets and it is sick how they are taking advantage of them. 

Fifth, they talk as if the extreme evil was needed for the compassion to appear.  This again is horrendous and shows they care about their own soul at any price.  If they think that their heroes need to be vile before they can do good then we despair.  Many spiritual people in fact do believe such a thing.

You search the Bible for the compassion you think you see in yourself.  You want its role-models to be evil and revel in it and then to turn compassionate for some reason.  You will say it is for the example.  But we don't know if that was an example.  A faith that is wholly evil will not last to do more damage.  So you need to do good to keep it strong and to draw people in.  Your good example then is really a bad example.  And what if they were only going through the motions of goodness over pangs of conscience or whatever?    Even if the malevolent people in the Bible have shown amazing compassion at times then it means little

And you ignore the fact that no two people in your church group agree on how to be compassionate in all things.  What you cherry-pick will not match what John selects.  

Why can't you just be compassionate and make that your Bible?  What do you want the Bible for?  It is really because you want to contrast yourself against the prophets and the people who wrote it.  While you may condemn a fairy-story as a bad influence on people you carry worse into the church. 

Anyway all Christians [so-called] claim that their ideas presuppose that we should make God important and love him.  Jesus went as far as to command that we love God with all our hearts.  The Christian view, and liberals keep that view, is that we don't have to actually feel love for God.  Jesus refuted it and it refutes their claim that unless you do good willingly and with joy you are not really good.  Jesus was too naive and stupid for nobody has the right to command feelings, AT ALL!  Plus we know what feeling love for your love interest can do so Jesus must want us to be so enraged when God is insulted so that we lose control and liquidate the offender.

Instead of asking us to love our neighbour's choice as our own choice as a modern inclusive person would, Jesus orders us to love the other in accordance with what God wants for them and thinks is best for them.  This is a trick.  It leads to you reasoning, "Okay I know God's will and I want to do it. This person does not and I can force him.  So I will force him for it is either him or me." 

Liberal Christianity argues that the Bible shows God guiding his people to a greater and greater wisdom.  They deny that the Bible shows the process is complete.  So they clearly think God made Israel and Christianity suffer so much to build up an endless progressive treadmill where todays liberals are the best so far.  If the Bible is about showing a journey towards respect and compassion then why is the greater part of it about a God commanding violence, rage and fear?  The last book of the Bible, Revelation, is in fact one of the worst and is sick.  Its version of Jesus is hyper-militant. 

In reality the liberals do not think the alleged progress in the Bible is the point. They think they are the progress themselves.   They look down on the past for that reason.

Jesus clearly opposed socialism that robs the rich to give to the poor. Expensive oil was wasted on him. His response to those who said that it should have been sold to the poor was that the poor are there and always will be and you can help them whenever you wish. Matthew 26:11 and Mark 14:7. There is nothing here about people needing to be forced to support the poor.

In Luke 12:13-15, Jesus was rude to a man who only wanted him to ask his brother to divide property left between both siblings. Jesus was not asked to be a judge but to speak for justice and he snapped that nobody made him anybody’s judge. Then he accused the man of envy.

Liberals don't really care about you or anybody.  Give them no money and keep out of their churches.


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