A Hungarian nun gave the world the life offering revelation from Jesus and Mary. A booklet containing some of the messages can be obtained from Divine Mercy Publications, Maryville, Skerries, Co Dublin. The booklet is called, Life-Offering, A Call to be a Quiet Modern Apostle, To the Sacred Heart through the Immaculate Heart. It received the Imprimatur for her anonymous bishop. He should have given his name and had his suspicions when he remained unnamed.

Page 3 of the booklet tells us that Mary promised that none of the relations of the person who offers his or her life as dictated by the apparitions will go to Hell even if it looks like they died hating God. This tells us that in families not covered by the promise God must want the dying to pass away into Hell. The element of blackmail is unmistakeable. It is those who lived the best lives and are sinning on their deathbed that God should be saving.

The First Epistle of John says that if you see anyone committing a sin that kills forever you must not pray for that person any longer. The person’s damnation is assured. Now, this is assumed to be the sin of refusing to repent and turn to God on your deathbed. It contradicts the life offering. It says that if you see somebody dying unrepentant or in sin that person is lost forever. The Bible contradicts the offering so the offering is heretical.
Since apparitions are based on human faith and the danger of Hell is based on divine faith which is theologically more certain it follows that any apparition that gives such assurance is demonic or fraudulent for you cannot trust an unsure revelation more than a sure one for the danger is too great if you are wrong.

The magic saving prayer of the Life-Offering was revealed in 1955.

Mary said that we can save as many souls as possible in some invisible mystical way “through fervent prayer, through the practicing of love, through meekness, humility and self-denial but above all through the patient acceptance of sufferings” (page 7). This is illogical for surely God would rather have a person who denied themselves to help others than a sick person who lies in bed offering their sickness to God. A person who is very ill is more likely to feign submission to the will of God to console those around her or him than a person practicing selflessness. And what is the use of a person suffering to develop patience and compassion when he has already got them? When God cares only about our effort and effort is love even if it does not succeed and the greatest love is that which tries knowing that it will probably fail for it is the most altruistic then God would not want us to suffer with patience but to fight to be patient without success.

Another error appears on page 9. Mary says that once you have paid for your sins by suffering you can offer subsequent sufferings to God for the conversion of incorrigible sinners. Surely it is more important to do the latter first? Yet she says these wrong priorities glorify God!

On page 16, the sinister practices of sacrificial love and total commitment to God are commanded.

The revelation of St Bridget of Sweden that souls fell into Hell like snowflakes fall in winter was rejected by Jesus according to our Life-Offering visionary who said that if that were true God would not have made man for the majority go to Hell (page 28). The visions reject the visions of Bridget who was accepted as a true prophetess and visionary by the Church. And Jesus did not understand if that souls were falling into Hell like snowflakes that does not mean that the majority of people are going to Hell but only that a lot are. And if it does mean the majority then maybe there has been a huge decline in the number of the damned since. Jesus said in the Bible that the road to eternal loss is wide and the road to salvation is narrow and hard to travel. He forgot that too it seems.


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