According to God, who said it through Moses and Jesus in the Bible, you must love your neighbour as yourself.
It does not really help in the big questions.
Society may think it is best protected if it executes murderers. Society may think it is best protected if it jails them in a nice prison. Society may think it is best protected if it dumps them in a dungeon. Nobody really knows. If people are deterred by the punishments, they are not going to tell us.
And what about how to punish and deal with sociopathic children? 
Christians do not pay much attention to love your neighbour as yourself in practice. For example, if Charlie forgives unrepentant James for beating him up without mercy and refuses to press charges though it is a good option, the Christians praise this. They have no concern for Charlie being so stupid, They take a smug happiness in the thought of James getting away with it and maybe somebody else getting hurt at his hands.  
Another example, is how people may say that I can annoy my neighbours by making a lot of unnecessary noise for it is my house.  
Another example is how you marry which means you are going to treat one neighbour (your spouse) as yourself and the others as secondary. 
The rule fails to help with issues like, "Should I kill myself to provide my organs so that five people will survive?"
"Should I have an abortion to save my health?"
"Should I blackmail Ann not to use the birth control pills for they will kill the human persons she conceives or should I replace the pills with tic tacs?"
"Should we enable cars to travel only at 40 kph max to save lives ended on the roads when life matters more than convenience?"
"Should smokers be put to the back of the list when looking for hospital treatment to let those who are sick though they do not abuse themselves be looked after first?"
"Should I shoot my wife for working at an abortion clinic and killing all those unborn babies?"
Which of these is loving others as much as myself? Hundreds of issues could be added to the list.
Like Jesus, the Christians like to sound as if they are speaking wisdom while they are saying nothing helpful at all. Christians claim the command to make themselves look good but they do not use it as a measuring stick for their lives. They ignore it and then instigate hatred against anybody who deplores it or questions it. If disobeying it doesn't do them much harm then why should scoffers of the commandment be hounded and criticised?
Love thy neighbour is not helpful. But it has a better chance of helping an atheist or naturalist than a believer. The believer has a lot of strange sins and evils to believe in. For example, the believer could regard you as doing harm or siding with satanic deception for not believing that Mary was the Mother of God. The atheist will be more liberal than that or should be.
The more complicated your ideas of what people should believe and do are the more impractical the rule becomes. In fact, people who believe in silly things such as that two men who had oral sex together once are grave sinners for doing so though they harmed none can't expect us to take them seriously when they preach the love of neighbour and especially if they claim to be serious about putting it into practice! They are putting theological beliefs before people. Countless different examples could be given instead of the ones I have given.
When the atheist marries, the atheist does not inflict torment on himself about the decision whether or not to use condoms as a Catholic would. The atheist is able to love himself and therefore others better than the Catholic.
People often say they believe in God and encourage the belief in their children because life would be harder to endure without faith. That flatly contradicts the very authority who says we must love our neighbour as ourselves. This rule is very hard. It should make faith harder not easier. The authority making the rule is stated to be God in the Bible.
God says we are to love him totally but not to love ourselves or our neighbour totally. We are to love God totally and love our neighbour as ourselves - that is less than God. To love God for comfort is to love comfort not God. If we love God, we will love him for himself even it kills us. If he cannot give us any benefit for this love we must still do it.
Rules and messages allegedly from Heaven with no depth are about making people feel good and not about making them good.


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