St Thomas Aquinas in his Summa wondered if loving your enemies means you should love the Devil and his angels.  There is conveniently no mention of how there are some minions of the Devil on earth who are worse than some of his demons according to Catholic doctrine!  Crafty Thomas knew he could not advocate we hate other humans so he schemes to get us to take it out on demons instead who are conveniently not living among us.

He goes on, "In the sinner, we are bound, out of charity, to love his nature, but to hate his sin.  But the name of demon is given to designate a nature deformed by sin, wherefore demons should not be loved out of is impossible for us, out of charity, to desire the good of everlasting life, to which charity is referred, for those spirits whom God has condemned eternally, since this would be in opposition to our charity toward God whereby we approve of his justice."

The notion of Satan being evil and dangerous appears in the New Testament.  The teaching is he is a great powerful angel who left God to go his own way and lure everybody into rebellion against God and into eternal punishment.  For that reason he is seen as the top evil being.

The Church says that one way to hate a person without showing it too much is to de-personalise or de-humanise them.  It says, oddly enough despite evolutionary theory, that it is wrong to call somebody an animal.  Jesus however called Herod a fox.  The answer the Church gives is that it is wrong but as Jesus was sinless it is probably right if you are not a sinner.  What does this mean?  Would adultery then be good if Jesus did it?  No they mean that Jesus was in a position to judge for he had no sin and calling Herod a fox was not about degrading him but assessing that he made himself no better than a fox.  The implication is that if you are a sinner you cannot call somebody what they are for it is about attacking a sinner when you are one yourself.  That in fact is extremely judgemental.  It does not follow that you are doing it for hate and spite.  If it is true it is true and you being a sinner yourself cannot change that.  Being a person who is uncivil and rude but harmless cannot mean that we think that you cannot say anything if you see John smashing the shop window with a brick. To say otherwise is to make you out to be as bad or worse than somebody committing a crime and public order offence.

It is not true that Christianity loves and respects sinners as much as it says.  Saying that we are sinners ourselves can be a way of disempowering those who battle the sins of others against them. 

It is bizarre how anybody could say we are all sinners and in the same breath say we should not use a label instead of seeing their humanity.  Calling us sinners is doing just that.

Back to Jesus.

Jesus did not say, "I am sinless so understand that I am not sinning when I say that about Herod."  If he had said he was sinless, he knew people rightly thought, "Maybe there will be a first time!"  He did not explain.

Dehumanising language ensures that if you use it and you don't want to be the hater,  you are getting others to do the hating for you.

The Bible warns that Satan prowls around to devour like a lion.  Now hatred of one creature soon expands to hatred of another and then another. It puts oil on the path.  If Satan can be degraded as a non-person then he can not only be opposed but tortured and murdered.  He can be eliminated.  So that you cannot do it is not the point.  If Satan could materialise and be trapped on earth you would.

If Jesus is really love then we are to love Satan like he does.

In John 8:34 Jesus said, "Very truly I tell you, everyone who sins is a slave to sin.

35 Now a slave has no permanent place in the family, but a son belongs to it forever.

36 So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed."

This teaching is repeated elsewhere.  Romans 6:16, Do you not know that when you offer yourselves as obedient slaves, you are slaves to the one you obey, whether you are slaves to sin leading to death, or to obedience leading to righteousness?

Jesus said that whoever sins is a slave to sin. So Satan would be the ultimate slave of sin. This suggests that those who worship Satan are misguided for it is really evil itself they should worship.  Also, if Satan is a slave to evil you only need evil not him if you want to make a pact to receive benefits from the dark arts or whatever it is you do.  It is only evil that can do what you ask and Satan himself cannot tell evil what to do but has to abide by it.  So what would you ask him for help for?  The description of sin and evil as a slave-master contradicts the Christian notion that they are not real in the sense that they are not things.  They are just an empty space where good should be.  Suffering is the absence of contentment.  They result in a distortion yes on the face of it.  Evil or sin is not really a distortion but looks like one.  It is a lack.  Jesus clearly indicates that we should think of evil as some dark mystery some kind of magic.  This would imply that he and his God are okay with it at some level for they must have made it for it is more than a lack.  It is real or as as good as real.

2 Peter 2:19, They promise them freedom, while they themselves are slaves to depravity. For a man is a slave to whatever has mastered him.

Satan surely must be a slave to sin too and the biggest slave of all.  The teaching makes out that sin is a power and an intelligence.  God is evil then for God must have made this power.  God is more evil than Satan could ever be.

Jesus said, “Love your enemies”. This was his way of saying let them trample on you. Since he commanded self sacrifice he had to command enemy love for such love can only be selfless. The greatest selfless love is love of Satan the biggest enemy and more than any other enemy. We know that this love for enemies would have to be encouraging them to be hateful and violent ingrates towards you. The man who wanted the world to be willing to make Satan worse was one of his most devoted disciples. He must have wanted us to say nice things to the Devil as if we could try and calm his torment in Hell. Crude Satanists do the same thing.
Suppose Satan needed medicine to live. If Jesus cares about his wellbeing and not his sins or how dangerous he is he will give him the medicine. If Jesus is afraid to help him for he will recover and do terrible harm to others he might refrain for their sake. That would mean that anybody loving you and hating your sins is not necessarily going to help you or work for your wellbeing. So it is odd why people take consolation from the love the sinner and hate the sin doctrine. The love is not about the other person's wellbeing at all but about them.

What if we cannot comfort the Devil? We would still have to act as if we could. It is the will not action that God will be looking at on judgment day. Why would he concentrate on the latter when it is the intent we did them with that makes them good, bad or neither?
Human nature might not like to bow the knee to Satan and worship him but it worships him the only way he cares about. Prayers and hymns as to a deity will be of little pleasing to the the Devil. What pleases him better is for people to serve him by doing evil. Hitler similarly didn't want to be worshipped so much as to have had his will done. People are inconsistent and hypocritical. They worship not God but what they want him to be like. In doing that they indirectly give reverence to Satan for he likes that. He likes to see people drawn away from God.
Here is an example of human hypocrisy. A man is captured by dangerous psychopathic terrorists. Three men risk their lives trying to save him. The three men will be praised for doing this and encouraging each other to do it even if they are the ones that wind up dead. They are praised for putting one life before three lives. They are called altruists. This altruism is certainly selfish. It proves how altruism is just self will in a new guise. If you intend to be selfish, it might be irrational to be selfish that way. So are we to pretend it is altruism just because it is irrational selfishness? If the men risked their lives to get money they would be called selfish even though they are risking as well. So the fact that they are risking for another man proves nothing.
Jesus gave us a God who is really worse than the Devil. The Devil might encourage you to go to Hell but God keeps you there. It is not so much the worship of Satan that is the problem as much as the worship of an evil being. Jesus in Luke 16 told the story of the Rich Man and Lazarus. At no point did he indicate that it was a parable. The story might look a bit silly to some but so do many of the tales in the gospels that are presented as history. The Rich Man and Lazarus is definitely intended to be taken as a true story for it gives no moral at the end except that if people will not believe the scriptures then a man rising from the dead to warn them about torment in the afterlife will be a waste of time. It is bewildering to think that the Catholic Church at the time of Tertullian and in good Catholic Ireland had people loving and trying to love a God who was worse than a billion Hitlers. Priests went to school with a candle and told the children that if they could not stand to burn their finger in the flame for a few seconds how would they be able to endure the torturing fire of Hell all over forever? It certainly proves that religion is often a mask for a mental disorder and moral bankruptcy. Jesus if he claimed to be God was claiming to be the eternal tormenter ...


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