Religion holds that one ingredient of sin is error or unwisdom or stupidity.  It is said that as evil is missing the mark an error of judgement is necessary for evil to be done.

Love the sinner and hate the sin is clearly rubbish when you see how it works with the stupid person. “You are a smart non-stupid person but you just believe this stupid thing.” It is patronising and looking down on the person while you try to look good and nice. You are still stressing that the person is being stupid in at least one thing. That is what matters right now. You are saying to them that they are ridiculous in one thing but that by implication is saying, “Heaven knows what else you are a crank or a fool in.” It questions them completely even as it pretends it does not. Love the sinner and hate the sin is nothing more than a command to lie about loving the person and embracing them and welcoming them.

Catholicism is using its boast that it can love the sinner and hate the sin as an excuse for looking good while encouraging hate towards persons. It is Church teaching - ask it! - that our actions define us, and we can be held accountable for them. We are accountable for our actions - our actions cannot be accountable for themselves. Thus the sinner is the sin. The Church agrees with the Batman line, “It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.” Thus the Church is lying that it loves sinners and separates sin from sinners to hate the sin.


The Church tells a deliberate lie that fools some. It says that if somebody is seriously sick you hate the sickness because you love the person. So it pretends this idea supports the notion that you can judge and hate a sin and love the sinner. But sin is deliberate. Sin may be described as a sickness in a sense but it the problem is not that. The problem is that it is deliberate. If sinners are sick then they need pity and help and should be forced into Heaven against their will for they don't know what they are doing. Punishment would be a sin and the evil person and the good person should get all the same benefits as if both are saints. It is twisted to use the suffering of others to justify a hypocritical doctrine.

The truth is the Church does not believe in loving sinners and hating sins at all - it believes in hiding its hatemongering.

We do not make a separation between the person and her good works so why should we make one between her and her sins? And how could we anyway? And a sin is not an entity that is separate from the person it is part of the person for sin is in the will and the will is part of the person, one of the main parts. Sin is the will and the will is the person so the person can be said to be the sin so to hate the sin is to hate the person who commits the sin as well. Sin is evil will that is expressed in an act and is not the outward act. Thus sin is shorthand for sinner.

To say you must love the sinner and hate the sins is to say that you must also separate the person from their good works. That would be a vile and inhuman stance to take.

The doctrine of loving the sinner and hating the sin is a wilful lie - and a smarmy one.


Many Christians do not see "Love the sinner" and "Hate the sin" as compatible.  They settle for saying that paradoxes are a reality and by some mystery God can truly love the sinner and hate that person at the same time and so can those who are given grace from God to be like God.  They live with the contradiction but they cannot deny they hate sinners.


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