Love is not the opposite of hate but a form of hate itself

Let us define love as a way of preferring somebody or something that lead to you doing good for them. Let s define hate as an aversion to somebody that makes you agree with them suffering.

If you decide to love something then you also decide to hate it if it becomes its opposite or looks as if it has done. Thus to love your spouse is to threaten her or him. And we wonder why love never completes us! And we wonder why there are so many addictions out there!  And we wonder why it is mostly people who claim to love each other who destroy each other!

Even when or if love is not really a choice that means hate is not a choice either.  The hate will still be there.  And this hate will be excused by the Church for it only condemns hate as a sin when it is your fault and you do it freely.  Nobody really wants to hate so the notion of freely hating is nonsense.

To say life and relationships are about love not hate is just to fool yourself. So love and hate make up a ratio. To love x 100 times more than you do today is to agree to hate x 100 more should it turn bad. It is agreeing to hate y if y will destroy x.

Preferring something means that you detest its opposite. Preferring x risks hating the alternatives to x. If you love x you will definitely hate its opposite and x need not necessarily have one opposite. It can have many. Loving your pure baby for he or she is so good implies you will hate that baby if he or she could become a drug dealer or a mass murderer or whatever. Now you risk hating the alternatives of x. You can hate Charlotte as good as she is just because she is not Jane.

To prefer x implies you have a dislike and maybe a bit of spite for whatever is not x. You are open to the spite. To prefer x is to admit you hate to lose x. That means the love is always at risk. You can lose the love and if x is a person that person may feel unhappy with your love. The relationship will struggle. And love implies you will not approve if your love done finds somebody who is better for him or her than you. You care about keeping him or her but not about him or her getting the best out of their one nad only life.
Love and hate are not separate nad one conatins the other to some degree. There is no love not hate or hate not love. Tehre is no either or. To love is to invite hate ad to invite hate is to love. They are two sides of the coin. The weighing scales keep measuring eac
If you fail to see that love and hate go together and cannot be seaprateed at all bad cosneunces will be expected.
YOou will be too harsh against those who hate.
You will not be able to diagnose or see why say religions and people who claim to be for peace in fact seem to be inept.
It is smug to say you love and do not hate. You an dyour truhe will condemn those who seem to be worse people.
It is smug to say your God loves only. As God should be related to what you morall value it follows you worship smugness when you worship him.
You and your tribe end up like brutsh husbands who are convinced they love the wives the torment. The forgivness thing will be used as an excuse for conudint the basuse in the guise of tring to change.
The problems will appear in you and your religion or tribe and you will see them and become susicous of other relgions and tribes.

Love our nrighour is a summary of commands about how to treat the neighbour. You need to break down commands like love your neighbour into these commands to see if it is hypocritical or has a bad side.
“I understand you.” You can only understand so much about a person.
“lease try to be positive and see things will get okay.” That is refsing to admit that being negative is called for at times.
“Don’t judge others when you see them hurting o thers.” In other words,
When you ee inteorlane do not tolerate it.
Love your neighbour is disgused as an answer to problems but it is not an answr . It is a question. How?
Doctrine and observation that our munds are odd when it comes to discerning morals ruins moralty.


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