Love sinners and hate sins when we hate good intentions that only do harm

"The road to hell is paved with good intentions"

People say they respect sinners and not sins. They say they love sinners and hate the sins. If people hate sins they hate not just sins but well-meant but harmful actions. They hate that kind of goodness in a person and nobody sane argues that anybody who says they hate the goodness in you can love you. They hate you.

It makes no sense to say that you must be loved because of the goodness in you for that is really loving how you benefit people not you.  People say that which shows what they must think of those who have evil in them.

The person who hates misplaced goodness in you hates you more than they would if it were sin we were taking about not just misplaced goodness.

People do not respect all the good intentions of others. They condemn poorly considered good intentions.

People do not respect people choosing to vote for the murder of the unborn even if it is their right. Even pro-abortionists do not agree with somebody voting in abortion while intending it to be murder.

People do not respect good intentions that cause grave harm even when they are understandable for the problem with people saying evil is needed for a good purpose is that it becomes too easy to:

* Intend the evil rather than the good – eg a dentist may help a patient and cause pain in doing so but the real goal may be causing the pain.

* The good may only be a small benefit.

* It is too easy to mistake an evil plan for a good one for things are typically very complicated.

* The good person may be more interested in seeing themselves as good or being seen as good than in being good.  That is why many good people can be more harmful than bad ones.  They want their feel good reward.

Thinking of the good not the evil that is needed on the way is cold and callous. A good purpose is only as good as how good is whatever brought it about.
Once the plan to use evil to do good is started it is easy to turn the plan in another direction – a bad one. And then it is only seen for what it has become when it is too late.

If you have to take somebody’s life even for a great good and out of necessity you should still feel the same as you would if you deliberately murdered that person. Catholics are allowed to vote for abortion laws if the alternative laws will be more liberal on abortion.  There should be lot of misery in the nation but there is not.  People do not care as much as they want you to think.


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