Love sinner and hate sin is a psychopathic travesty

Religion wants rid of sinners usually by converting them. Sin is not the problem as such – the person doing it is. That attitude declares them objects if the sinner matters and sin to be hated as worthless. To regard the person as a sin is objectification. Even if it does not have to be, it does for our minds are programmed to make them things. It is our perception that does that. To regard the person as not being a sinner and the sin as separate is objectification as well for the person is a free agent and should be able to sin and be the sin problem.

We all have many failings. We fail and do harm every day.

It is said that life cannot function unless we forgive and forgive the sinner and hate the sin.

God is supposed to love the sinner and hate the sin. God would love virtually nobody if he didn't.

Only the psychopath would love himself and hate his sins. Only the psychopath would hold that he is amazing and wonderful and perfect and that his sins do not reflect on him.

The psychopath says he is not even partly sinful - no wonder he feels no guilt.

The psychopath lies about his evil deeds and boasts his innocence. This is because he sees them as acts not as signs of what kind of person he is or partly is.

Love sinner and hate sin makes psychopaths and makes psychopaths worse.

No judge will be impressed if you stand up in court and say, "I don't normally murder people. I deserve to get away with killing that girl in cold blood for I am not a killer. Killing once does not mean I am just a killer. There is more to be than just that! There is more to me than the mistakes or wrongs I have done." In fact saying that will land you a heavier sentence. Yet the Church endorses that kind of attitude by urging you to love sinners including yourself and hate the sins. It is no wonder that Christianity's record in making people holy shows nothing remarkable.

Only a psychopath would love himself and hate his sin.


A sin is not the problem, the person is. There is no sin as such. There is only the sinner. People telling you they love you and hate your sin are encouraging you not to own your sin but to disassociate from it psychologically. That would amount to getting you to develop a psychological dissociative disorder. A person who would never murder could eventually become one for they don't connect themselves to their sins. Saying God loves you and hates your sins then has a dangerous effect too.


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