"Love the sinner hate the sin" pretends to help you be a better person but is a distraction from the real issue: FEAR

Fear is more important than hate. There is no hate unless fear is there to give birth to it. The doctrine that sin manipulates and acts like a crafty person and even enslaves the Devil himself enforces fear of the sinner. Looking at wrongdoing gives exactly that impression. So the fear of the sinner who is the one giving evil some force is the seed of hate. It is hate in embryo.  The notion of Satan the evil one reinforces this for it is an extreme case and Satan is emphasised so much in the Christian and Islamic tradition.

Ego is a form of narcissism but not all narcissism necessary manifests as in being blatantly antisocial. The person seems lovely and genuine but this is a mask: the real them is about themselves. This person is the quintessential egoist – he or she does it best. Their niceness is a role they use to protect themselves and get what a nastier person will not get. 

Most define the ego as an immoral and bad thing. That is not compassionate for we all feel that the ego arises from and is about fear for it is about having a protective shield. We fear others doing harm to us or we fear nature doing harm to us and others being glad it is us not them or they may take advantage of what nature does to you. You protect yourself from others by being arrogant or manipulative or fake or so you think. In extreme cases, you will use these traits to drive them away so that they will not hurt you. You can see a person’s ego as something they need to address and fix without moralising. Moralising about it shows you are needlessly judging them and on some level hating them. If if is fear is the problem then sympathy and understanding and compassion are the only legitimate responses. Love the sinner and hate the sin is just a deceptive recipe for love that is actually a recipe for egoism itself.

God is a protective shield but only if he is real and really cares. But there is separate protection from the concept of God. We all try to protect ourselves with the concept of a God who has invested so much love and trust in us. This habit leads to fear and intolerance to the critics of your god. A sinner is a sort of critic of God for the essence of sin is, "I know better than God so I proclaim independence."  Superstition and magic can substitute for God and again it leads to bad things. It does not matter if it is God or some other mascot.  God is just another means by which the ego creates its protective scheme.  Fear is a motive for faith.  If you think there is a God that gives rise to fear for you don't want him to be bad to you and he might be.  So you create this narrative that he regards you as if you were the only person alive.

John the apostle in his First Letter of John in the Bible wrote that fear torments which is why he who has no fear is made perfect in love.  The context is about how we are to love God instead of letting fear water down or ruin that love.  This is an admission that fear is a very dangerous toxic insidious thing.

Christian condemnation of hate and its saying that is not enough to just not hate but you must love as well makes the religion look good.

In a world that is lazy about morality just saying, "Do not hate" would be enough to keep people satisfied with religion.

In fact if nobody hates you but nobody is loving you what use is that?  You would be better off with people hating you.

Love the sinner and hate the sin goes with the idea that if all you can manage is to just not hate the sinner then that will have to do.  It denigrates love.

That is one reason why it sounds so hollow.  Is it any wonder that those who love sinners and campaign against sins do not seem to be great people?

Love the sinner and hate the sin reads like a comforting placebo for the problems of immorality in society.  In fact it is a self-righteous cynical trick. People loving you will do nothing for you if they fear you. People regard others as enemies to be overcome not because they hate them but because they fear them.  It is fear that gets people killed not hate. Hate is fertilised by fear. But it is really fear that kills not hate though hate gets the blame.

Sin as in hurting others provokes fear.

Sin as in hurting God and obscuring his will and fighting his lovely plan provokes fear as well.

Sin as in suffering eternal torment if you fail to repent for it will lead to fear so great that you would be nearly insane.

If fear is a problem then religion makes sure it will be and makes sure it will be worse.

Do you become anything harmful such as a murderer or child abuser? First and foremost you let yourself be one. Second you take action to be one. It is passive and then active. There is no active without the passive. The passive in a sense is more dangerous than the active for you don’t what you are letting yourself be. Evil can be a chameleon.

That is why evil in human beings triggers fear.  We are social beings which is why we fear that out of proportion.  Things like earthquakes should be feared more but are not.  Our morality is rooted in our psychology not in God.  What if God roots it in our psychology?  That is him asking to be kept out of it.  If I have a bedroom story to read to Janey and program the computer to read it to her that means "Don't involve me."


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