The appearances of the Virgin Mary to six visionaries in Medjugorje since 1981 have been promoted and carried on even in the parish Church despite the opposition of Bishop Zanic and Bishop Peric.

The bishop of the diocese where the apparition happens is the one who has to decide if anything supernatural is happening and if it is from God and yet this Lady counsels disobedience. Catholic doctrine going back to the time of Ignatius of Antioch at the beginning of the second century insists that whoever disobeys a legitimate order of the bishop separates himself from Christ and the Church. Catholics might say that the bishop is wrong and should not be obeyed but apparitions are subordinate to Church authority. Mary would not appear in a diocese if it would lead to trouble with the bishop. This is enough to show that the lady is not the Blessed Virgin for the Church says the real Mary will not encourage disobedience. In other apparitions, if the vision asked for something and the Church forbade it the vision commended the visionary for obeying the Church after all it was only a private revelation and not equal to the scriptures or the Church Christ had commissioned to govern his people. The Virgin Mary would appear where she would not cause trouble for the Church.

The Church cannot approve of Medjugorje for it will start a precedent and will leave apparitions that run for years and decades open to acceptance by the Church. If Medjugorje were really from God the apparitions would have stopped long ago to give the Church a chance to approve of them. The real Virgin Mary would not appear in a situation when her apparition cannot be approved. That would be an affront to the Church and herself. This apparition appeared in the Parish Church in defiance of the Church authorities and was itself disobedient.

One time the Virgin appeared and then Mary appeared and chased this Virgin away saying the first was the Devil. This looks too staged for the Devil would know that she would not be letting him take his form unless she was planning to make a fool of him.

The Virgin approved of the heretical book condemned by the Church, Poem of the Man-God and approved of Frs Prusina and Vego working in Medjugorje despite their being banned by the Vatican and the Bishop

The Virgin said, “But why are you praying? To be with God. To experience God within you. After five minutes of prayer something ought to happen within you, if you do it properly” (March 1985).

This denies that quality and not quantity matters. It is putting a time limit on God’s power. The lady has to be talking about getting a spiritual thrill. She equates an experience of pleasure with God. The Mormons do the same with the Holy Spirit.

The Lady stood up for the reputation of a priest who was accused of fathering a child by a nun and it was later found that the accusation was true.

The visionaries were often reluctant to take part in medical examinations relating to the ecstasy in which they allegedly saw the Virgin.

On one occasion Jacov was to touch the apparition as a test to see what the equipment monitoring him would come up with and if he was touching anything and he forgot to ask her permission and she left and it was not done. How convenient and why did Mary not remind him when she said that she did not mind the tests? If he had asked she would have allowed it so this is tantamount to the virgin forgetting and God’s memory must be as bad as her’s.

Once, the Virgin saw one of the visionaries in a harness for testing his physical reactions to the apparition she said that was not necessary when asked for her opinion. The doctor, Botta, found this offensive thinking that the Lady was accusing him of doing wrong in testing. Dr Botta was then told that the Virgin only meant that prayer was needed and that the tests were just accessories and was not accusing him. But this answer just tells him he was accused! If the Virgin was the real Mary or the Devil they would welcome tests. Prayer is not the essential. Prayer will not tell you what is true or false in relation to the authenticity or otherwise of an apparition.

The visionaries say they have no connection with the outside world when they have their vision but a French cameraman pretended to be about to stab Vicka Ivankovic in the eyes with his fingers. She jumped and jerked her head away from him and later it was explained that she thought Mary was going to drop her baby Jesus and she was going to grab him! But then why did she jerk away from the Lady? This incident was recorded on tape and was once shown on a Channel 4 Dispatches documentary. If they were seeing anything they would know that Mary would not be so inept that she would drop the baby for she was full of God’s power.

The first commission of bishops was appalled by the absurd story of God going to destroy the world over a bloody hanky which was recorded as approved by the Virgin in Vicka’s diary. She was so ashamed that later she chose to deny there was such a diary. If she had been falsely accused of having this diary why did she not appeal the commission for a transgression against canon law? Excerpts from the diary were published by her devotees. She sometimes claimed her memory was bad so she had to have had a diary.

The visionaries are stupid for they believe the lady when she says she is the Queen of Peace and how can she be when her God that she wants us to become subject to in all things is to blame for people going to Hell for he could prevent us having full consent to sin so that mortal sin would be impossible and without mortal sin he cannot send us to Hell forever. He could make us a bit retarded in that area but give us trustworthy faculties in everything else.

In 1982, Vicka told the bishop that the Virgin wanted him to know that he was too harsh with the Franciscans. She could not tell him in what way which proves the Virgin never said it at all. The Virgin would not be so vague.

Medjugorje claims to be the site of the last apparitions. The threats it makes its fruits useless because we cannot help suspecting that they are produced by fear and not love. Its desire to prevent its supporters from agreeing with the Church should the Church approve apparitions after its time is a sure mark of inauthenticity. The real Virgin would not say if the apparitions were final and would leave it to the Church to work that out with the help of the Holy Spirit. The Medjugorje Virgin is tying the hands of the hands of the Church and yet she can have no right to authority without the Church. What does that say? The apparitions are not from Heaven!


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