In the Gospel of Matthew we read that Mary was found pregnant by the power of the Holy Spirit and Joseph thought she had been with another man and proceeded to divorce her.  An angel appeared to him and told him to take Mary as his wife for it was the Holy Spirit made her pregnant.  The gospel only mentions the vision but doesn't say if the vision was real or if it was a good angel.  We are under no obligation to believe what the vision said.  The gospel reports but doesn't endorse it. 

Joseph never had sex with Mary until she had her baby. 

In Luke, the birth of Jesus is announced to Mary who was betrothed to Joseph. She asks how she can have a baby when she is a Virgin.  The angel tells her that God's power will come upon her and will overshadow her.  That is vague.  It can be said to a woman who will conceive in bed.  The angel said Hail full of grace!  Some translations take this to mean highly favoured.  She may have married Joseph properly and got pregnant after.

In Paul, Jesus is described as being born of woman.  That has nothing to do with proving the Virgin Birth because in Job we read that man born of woman has just a short time to live. 

The constant and ancient Jewish tradition that Mary was a whore and an adulteress is not a problem for true Christians.  If the Son of God came from a woman like that clearly shows how God can triumph over evil and bring good out of it.

Jesus never refuted the charge of being illegitimate.  He was the Son of God in the sense that he was the Second Person of the Holy Trinity, the person who is called God the Son.  But who his physical father was is unimportant.  His line was traced through his mother and his foster-father Joseph to legitimise his claim to be king of Israel.

 MY COMMENT: Mary was only 11 and was not even near the age for sex.  She was pregnant very young in a day and age where brides were impregnant too young anyway.  Pregnancy was so horrific and childbirth so dangerous especially for a girl like her that consent would have been impossible.  This applies whether a man was involved or not.  Mary being an example for children of today leaves them open to predators.  If she really had to give birth in a stable that shows her and Joseph's immaturity.  No midwife was mentioned.


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