The Bible says of Jesus, "[Jesus] continues for ever. Consequently he is able for all time to save those who draw near to God through him, since he always lives to make intercession for them" Hebrews 7:24, 25.

This text makes it clear that whatever Jesus did to save us, it saves us because it is about intercession. If Jesus died to atone for our sins, then Jesus dying on the cross was his prayer to God for us. This refutes the Catholic doctrine that Jesus atoned for us but the saints intercede for us and so atonement and intercession are different. Biblically they are one and the same. The Catholic doctrine is a crude attempt to cover up that it has many gods and saviours while it pretends to recognise only Jesus as saviour. Hebrews goes as far as to infer that Jesus' intercession for us depends on him staying alive forever to do it. In other words, if he dies again and goes out of existence, there will be nobody getting saved anymore. Only those who were alive up to his new death would be saved. If we are that dependent on Jesus, it follows that depending on the saints to pray for us will lead us only to Hell forever.

The Roman Catholic Church claims that sprinkling water on a baby or an adult while saying, "I baptise you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit" does amazing things. It takes away the sin we are born with, original sin, and any other sins and grafts us on to Jesus making us his servants. It puts Jesus and God inside us to live in us and inspire us. The Church says that baptism heals the inclination towards sin that original sin causes. Baptism is a sacrament. It pictures cleansing from sin and the effects of sin and actually does what it pictures.

Our Lady is the surest, the easiest, the shortest and most perfect means of going to Jesus Christ" - St Louis de Montfort.

God is supposedly three persons in one being. Father and Son and Holy Spirit. The Catholic Church tends to neglect the Holy Spirit and give the attention to Jesus's non-divine mother, Mary.

The Holy Spirit is bypassed in favour of Mary. Whoever thinks that it is not enough to go to Jesus directly is really just praying to Mary while pretending it brings him closer to Jesus. If Jesus is as approachable and understanding and as human as the Bible says there is no need for Mary. To go to her is really bypassing Jesus while pretending that this bypassing isn't happening. Indeed the only Jesus it can bring one close to is the one in one's head not the real one.

The Catholic Church believes Jesus is physically present in the Eucharist or communion. To say that you need Mary to go to Jesus is strange if the Church really believes one is united with Jesus in tremendous intimacy by receiving communion. Clearly then one must keep one's focus on Mary even then. That is like having sex with your wife while looking at your wife's mother and giving her the attention. The doctrine stops the Catholic from connecting with Jesus. You should be connecting with Jesus if he is what he is supposed to be. Mary can supposedly only bring us to him in two ways, by being like him and because she herself is his top disciple. But to run after a mirror is not to run after the person in the mirror. And her being top disciple is irrelevant.

Even when getting baptised, the Catholic must see it in terms of getting to Jesus only through Mary. The baptism is not really intended to cause a connection with Jesus but only a nominal one. Therefore the baptism is invalid. Catholics cannot be saved for they have a false connection with Jesus. Catholic baptism is invalid.

Eve means living. After Adam and Eve sinned, Adam called her Eve and called her mother of all the living. She brought death and misery on humanity by eating the fruit in disobedience to God. It is said then that either Eve was an unsuitable name for her or Adam sensed that humanity would be saved meaning that she would be the mother of the living. To me it only means she was the mother of all humankind. It excludes the notion of evolution. If Eve is a spiritual mother, then her legacy is a miserable life that ends in death. Mary is contrasted with Eve as the spiritual mother who helps bring us to God resulting in us being saved by death when we are resurrected. Mary is the mother of Catholics. They call her mother. If Mary is another mother in the way that Eve was mother, that is a sinful mother that passes spiritual sickness to her children, then it follows that Mary is a block to salvation as much as Eve would have been or is according to Christian doctrine.

Roman Catholic baptism cannot be recognised by Catholic persuasions who are not making an idol of Mary or a saint.


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