Quran 7:172 declares that the “children of Adam”, all people, are born Muslim but it is parents who make you something else. Sahih Muslim 33:6426 says that no baby is born non-Muslim – it is the parents who have him as a polytheist or Jew or Christian. Talk of converts to Islam offends the Muslim faith. It is reverts not converts. This is a direct rebuttal of the claim that once you are Catholic you are always Catholic. And it also rebuts the more modest claim that once you are baptised validly as a Catholic you are obligated to belong to the Catholic Church and accept it as wiser than you and obey it as it stands in the place of Jesus, God's unerring and all-wise son.

The Church teaches that the sacrament of baptism puts Jesus in you and "marries" you to him so you can have the right to intimate union with him at Holy Communion when you supposedly are fed with his body and blood in the form of bread and wine.  So the Mass excludes anybody who thinks their heart is in Islam and who is Muslim or who has not been baptised.  In any other context this would be seen as racism.  It is racism for Muslims tend not to be white people like Christians usually are.  It is racism to make up things that lead to any group being othered especially when that group is one from another culture.

The Catholic Mass by offering faith as in a gift from God is attacking Muslim faith which sees faith differently.  The Catholic Mass by claiming to be the same sacrifice as that of Jesus on the cross attacks the Qur'an which says that Messiah did not die on the cross.  The claim in the Mass that God is father insults Muslims who say he is not.  The Qur'an is made out to be lies for saying Allah has no son.  The Mass claims to be about the Son of God, Jesus.  The Qur'an says that the veneration of Mary is worship and the Mass venerates her and invokes her.  The very fact that the Mass is prayer and the chief prayer of the Church is problematic as we shall see.

In May 2019, Cardinal Gerhard Müller, formerly of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith explained how the meaning of prayer for a Muslim and a Christian is too different and we must not pretend that both can pray like each other or with each other. One point he made is that the Christian prays like a child of God and the Muslim prays only as King Allah’s subject. The Christian prays to line up to the will of God and that God will help but this involves consent and liberty. The Christian chooses to obey God and this is best seen as a free choice and not as a subjugation or enslavement. While Christians see faith not as a list of beliefs but as a relationship with God, a friendship, the Muslim sees faith as just a natural thing like believing that the moon is round. Faith is not a gift of God, the gift of a relationship with God.

The Muslim approach totally contradicts the gospel Jesus who claimed to save us and part of that saving is about giving us God as Daddy and friend in a free two way relationship based on faith which is not of human origin but implanted in you by a miracle of God's grace.

As a prophet of Allah, Issa, who many pretend is Jesus, would have agreed with calling the Jews apes for breaking the Sabbath.  To them the Qur'an says, "Be apes and hated."  See Qur'an 2:65.  Issa then was not Jesus who was accused constantly of disrespecting the Sabbath.  Moreover, the Sunday Sabbath is a Catholic invention so the Catholics are coming under that verse too!

The Bible says that death is caused by sin and God opposes death and hates it and never wills anybody to die. Jesus supposedly rose to put his stamp on that message. So any other religion simply has to say God sets up death and kills people. This shows that Islam is inherently extremist and pro-violence. Even if it never hurts anybody any other way it hurts and degrades them with such a teaching. Jesus said such a God is the devil and in the gospel of John calls the devil a murderer for getting humanity to sin and sin causes death.


The Qur'an has a different covenant from the Bible one.  The covenant is with Ishmael and his descendants.  No covenant traced through Isaac with the Jewish people is validated.  The New Testament says if you are not physically descended from Isaac's race and stock, you need to be grafted in.  The Mass assumes a covenant.  "The blood of the New and everlasting covenant".  Even in that it is trying to undermine Islam. 

Abraham had a dream making him think he needed to sacrifice his son to God according to the Qur'an. Islamic belief says the son in question was Ishmael. The Bible says Isaac. Does it matter?

The Catholic Mass speaks of the sacrifice of Abraham referring to the sacrifice of Isaac. This event is important for it started a covenant between God and the children of Israel in the form of Abraham. The covenant includes Jesus and paves the way for his covenant mission and role as Messiah assuming Jesus really was Messiah!

The Qur’an says the child that was offered to God was possibly Ishmael. There is no name but we don’t know so far if it was Isaac or not. But we know from tradition and the importance of Ishmael to Islam that it was Ishmael. This is important for it would mean the covenant with Isaac is untrue and the role of Jesus based on it is a fabrication. The Jesus of the Bible and the alleged Jesus of the Qur’an differ on a major thing, the covenant. Jesus based himself on Jesus as in role. I mean he called himself Saviour. Jesus is a role name to him though it is his personal name. This role is linked to the covenant with Abraham so much that to discard the link amounts to having a non-Jesus.

So the Catholic Mass denies that the Jesus of the Qur’an is Jesus and calls the book a liar when it says it is the dictated word of God for it is wrong about Ishmael.  The Mass is islamaphobic by today's standards.

The Mass is the centre of Catholicism though sensible people can think of other things that should be central.  It is central ideologically and socially and ritually.  That it goes out of its way to disagree with Islam and in the light of how much hostility Catholicism created towards Islam for centuries this is clearly about making a religious divide and inciting islamaphobia.  That is what Catholic parents are roping their children into.


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