Has the Virgin Mary, under the title of Our Lady, Queen of Peace been appearing in Medjugorje in the former Yugoslavia since 1981? Six young people have reported these visions and have been subjected to tests. The tests were not very convincing. Are the apparitions hoaxes? The photos say YES!

Vicka jumps away from the man about to stab her in the eyes during a “vision”. She claims she is not aware of what is around her when seeing the Virgin and that she jumped because Mary seemed to be about to drop the baby Jesus and she wanted to catch him! Also note that these two visionaries are not looking in the same direction. It is as if they are only pretending that there is a person only the visionaries can see in front of them.
Vicka being a crank - which she is - and a fraud would prove fatal to any case for the authenticity of the visions. Why? Because she is the most popular visionary. She was not the first to see the apparition but she was not the last of the six either which is significant. Vicka claimed to be cured of a brain tumour but predictably has given no evidence or proof. Would God really want people saying such things without proof or good medical evidence? Is he unable to run the universe properly? It is Christian doctrine that he is more than able for he knows all and nothing is impossible with him but that he sometimes does miracles - not to fix errors - but as signs that he is in control. For them to be signs, evidence is needed. And as for Vicka's miraculously glowing statue (2013) which she said was a sign from Mary, it has been spirited away and not mentioned since.
Fr Vlasic is in the picture too looking on and shows no reaction. He was according to many one major role-player in the Medjugorje fraud. He doesn’t react at the assault on Vicka because he knows something like it had to happen sometime so he was prepared. And the reason he was so determined to act so calmly was so that he might not upset the visionaries who had to look serene and detached from their surroundings.


This photo according to some shows the visionaries during an apparition. If that is correct, then it is a serious problem how we don't see any joy or enthusiasm in their faces when they are supposedly meeting with the Blessed Mother.  Ivan, Marija and Ivanka from left to right are bored looking to the extreme though Jacov and Vicka look bored as well.

 If they are not having their vision yet why do they look like they are?  They could be good fakers! 

They are not looking at the same spot and only Vicka has her hands raised in prayer.

This photo shows the children looking in different directions during an apparition. The lack of love and bliss is evident from their unenthusiastic facial expressions. They are not looking at a heavenly vision. Satan would give them good feelings so it is probable that the visions are not his work - the visions do not exist. The visionaries are lying. Jacov is clearly looking up at a higher point than the others.  Marija who can be barely seen on the left is clearly uninterested in the vision.


These photos all show that the children are not looking at the face of an invisible person who they claim is just a few feet in front of them at all. They are looking in different directions and have different facial expressions. When one visionary smiles and the others look serious that makes no sense for if the Virgin Mary smiles surely they would smile with her. Ecstasy is supposed to be a state of joy.


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