Since 1981, a number have reported visions of Jesus' mother in Medjugorje. Allegations of fraud and lies and making money have dogged those reports.

The hatred of Medjugorje believers even for Catholics who oppose the apparitions has been well-documented.
On the website www.marian-times.com we read abuse from a Catholic, Paul Baylis, the Marian Times editor, towards a fellow Catholic Rick Salbato who runs www.unitypublishing.com which exposes the Medjugorje hoax. The page that is filled with hate is entitled UNITY PUBLISHING MORE DANGEROUS THAN ANY FALSE APPARITION. This ridiculous title shows how the pro-Medjugorje people are willing to excoriate anybody who contradicts or questions the apparition.
“It is my honest opinion that Rick Salbato is simply completely misinformed and deluded about the truth of Medjugorje. He has in all likelihood allowed himself to be swayed by negative press reports. A quick reading of the following article should clear the air about quite a few things Rick may not know about the press and show the depths the enemy will go to destroy Medjugorje:
My Comment: Rick is accused of being deluded as in mentally ill and is identified as collaborating with the enemy.
Baylis: Medjugorje better be false for Rick's sake! Just as atheists cling to their hope that there is no God so they don't have to change their sinful habits
My Comment: The Church would answer that nobody who without sin opposes an apparition will be punished by God for it. the person will be punished for lying in an attempt to disprove an apparition for example but only for the lying not for trying to hurt the apparition. Notice Paul’s veiled threat, “Believe what I believe or suffer”. A religion like Christianity that tells people they will burn in Hell unless they do what they want is pure evil and is anti-freedom. It is abusive.
And many atheists live sober decent lives. It is simply not true that atheists want to disbelieve in God so that they can be sociopaths. Some do but there is nothing under the sun that cannot be abused. The Medjugorje Virgin is actually cordial to atheists and communists.
Baylis writes, "Rick displays a double-standard. Elsewhere on his website he describes the Church-approved Rwanda apparitions as "Very, very strange approval circumstances. We feel certain this is NOT of God." Note that Rick entitles this page "False Apparitions". He doesn't say "POSSIBLY false apparitions". The sheer arrogance and presumptuousness is outstanding."
My Comment: This is about Rick saying that Medjugorje is false for the local bishop didn’t approve. Here Rick condemns an accepted apparition as false though the local bishop did approve of it.
The fact of the matter is that the true Catholic does not believe any apparition condemned by the Church and keeps an open mind in relation to those that have been approved. The approval of the Church is mere permission to believe. Medjugorje followers are famous for trying to make belief in the Medjugorje apparitions into a dogma.
Marian times treats the Medjugorje phenomenon as absolutely true not possibly true. And that anybody who has a different opinion is to be despised.
Baylis: "And maybe the seers were right about this being Mary's final push to get people back to God. If it is her final push, it doesn't surprise me one little bit that Satan would cause some bad seeds to foment division in the catholic church, distract people from their prayers, cause infighting and get brother literally against brother. I am describing Rick Salbato and his website Unity Publishing. Without a shred of hard evidence and with a huge dose of naivety, he is on a suicide mission to take half the Catholic church with him".

My Comment: Deranged!
To say that Rick wants to take himself and half the Church on a suicide mission is madness for half the Church won’t even see the website. Suicide mission must be an euphemism for dragging people down to hell forever. The Church has never sentenced anybody to hell for not believing in an apparition for the Church says it is only the revelations given by the apostles in scripture and tradition that are binding for belief. The defensiveness of the Medjugorje people shows that they certainly have a lot to hide.
The fact that Medjugorje was not touched during the war was down to the reluctance to harm a holy site, payments made to the warring factions to keep away and refugees being turned away from the town.  

Are the fruits of Medjugorje really that amazing considering that the state of the Catholic faith in Europe is shabby to a degree never imagined in the early eighties when the visions started? The Catholic fruits were better before the visions.

No apparition is from God at all because the Church cannot and does not check out the fruits thoroughly. But it could check the fruits out better but it does not. This makes it a bad fruit to believe in any apparition!! It must be a sin to seek apparitions for everybody looks for fruit in the visionary so the visionary is asking to be put up on a pedestal as an example of humility and prayerfulness which Jesus strictly forbade which makes one wonder if the apostles made the resurrection appearances of Jesus up.
The Church cannot approve of Medjugorje for it will start a precedent and will leave apparitions that run for years and decades open to acceptance by the Church. People will take advantage of that and even up superseding popes and bishops.  If Medjugorje were really from God the apparitions would have stopped long ago to give the Church a chance to approve of them. The real virgin Mary would not appear in a situation when her apparition cannot be approved. That would be an affront to the Church. This apparition appeared in the Church in defiance of the Church authorities and was itself disobedient.


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