Evil by definition is harm done to a person that should not be tolerated by anyone not even God.  Those who worship a God who lets evil happen are callously deciding that no evil is bad enough to show there is no God.  But only one who has the experience has the right to decide that. 

An atheist can believe in a creator even an intelligent one.  As long as the atheist thinks this entity has no moral qualities, ie is non-moral, and is as worthy of worship as a computer program the atheist is a true atheist.  God is an abused word and should be reserved to the idea of a being who promotes love and justice and relationships.

Secularism is a fundamental human right.  I mean I have the right not to be governed by anybody or anything that puts God as a person to be valued more than me.  Also I have the right not to be hindered by those who say that such a rule and principle is right and a duty for me for God gave it.  I have the right to freedom from religion, spirituality, prayer and God.  Religion is a social construct and though people have rights it does not.

Prayer is not asking God for anything so much as letting God in.  God is the infinite perfect ideal.  Prayer is an act where you try to line up to God and his plan which means it is really all about being loving and kind and just merely because he is.  Prayer is an abuse.  Depression and fear and other problems start with you thinking somebody else is more worthy and valuable than you.  Rating yourself is serious self-abuse when it happens for a length of time.  Be willing to accept yourself as you are regardless of what a God would say.

Religious faith.  Believers say it can comfort. They mean there is power from God in it.  So a sceptic saying that is calling it a placebo.  Jesus said religion is about being persecuted and hated and taking up your cross.  The sceptic cannot approve of a placebo for a placebo is based on a lie. It will be a placebo for wrongdoing more than health or comfort for people know there are no ways to guarantee that you will cope.  Saying to religion, "I have no problem with people having faith", is just hypocrisy if religion is a placebo or mainly so.  People have the right to choose their placebo and change at whim and your protecting a placebo is just an unfair bias towards religion.

Only truly intelligent, wise, good and honest things can be abused. A religion or form of faith may be mistaken by all as fitting this criteria. So its "abuse" may not be abuse at all but what you would expect if you could see the picture fully or properly or more accurately. It is clear though that asking God to protect us from the influence and action of dangerous people is permitting him if necessary to let them destroy themselves and makes you a terrorist with benefits!

Nature has fallen into an order and nature is hostile. Darwinism shows we are survivors even if we do not realise it. One problem with porn is how nature has led to the predator nature of mammal sex. It is the language of male attacking female. That is one reason why even children seeing loving sex between man and woman see it for what it really is. It's just nature treating people as objects to further genes.

Atheism and self-ownership are negative and positive aspects of the same thing.  They are two sides of the same coin.  Therefore maybe I need to say, "I decide and decree that I own me.  I create my self-ownership.  I live that as my truth.  No religion or God can or will give me orders.  I will not even contemplate it."  Proof of self-ownership is that somebody has to own me so it must be me owns me.  If God gives me ownership, he cannot do that unless the ownership is real in the first place.  So he is giving me what I already have.  That is absurd.

A gift is not a gift unless it is unconditional.  You do what you want with it.  God has no right to have a say if he has given me the gift of existence.  Life is more than existence.  Life is a gift too.


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