Miracles and the Judging God

Catholic doctrine teaches that God judges us the moment we die. This is the particular judgement. The miracle of near-death experiences has the person judging themselves rather than God or anything else doing it (page 21, The Book of Miracles). This is a case of where alleged miracles tell us that all that matters is what you think of yourself. What God thinks does not count. Thus why bother with God? Why class him as important?

You alone are your own ultimate judge - not others, not God, not the priest in confession. Even God’s judgment of you is worthless unless you agree with it. And if you do, you are really only judging yourself and using him as a guide. He is not your judge. A judging God is a bullying God if he acts on his judgment when you cannot see if he was right or totally right. 

What you think of you is what matters. Only you know your life situations well enough to be able to judge.

There is no point in caring who believes in God or not if God cannot judge. So miracles happening conflict with this truth. Thus miracles should get no attention.


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