MIRACLES and how they would make us sin more and not less

A miracle is an event that is not naturally possible. That does not mean it is necessarily impossible. There could be a power greater than nature such as a god that can do it. A miracle is supernatural. It's really magic and superstition under a different name. If a power can instantly remove an incurable terminal disease, then it can guarantee bad luck for those who walk under ladders.

The miracles of the Roman Catholic Church, some of which have never been refuted, supposedly bear witness to that Church’s version of the gospel of Jesus. This gospel says that the main commandment is to love God with all our strength and power. Even loving yourself and your neighbour isn't as important. If you don't have the strength to love somebody enough to save their life you have to give the love to God instead. We know we cannot love God as much as the so-called gospel demands. So accordingly, everything we do is a sin. No matter what good we do we are glad that we are not asked to suffer for all eternity to save somebody else at God's command. So we love freedom from pain more than God or other people. We cannot protest that it is not our fault that we cannot love God enough for he must help us for he cannot command the impossible. These miracles then have taken place to make us more sinful by believing in God not less and cannot be relied upon as the testimony of God.

If miracles suggest it is a sin or bad not to believe, then belief in miracles makes us more likely to sin. The more sins you believe in the more likely it is you will sin. It's because if you do something that isn't wrong while you think it is wrong, then you intend to do wrong.

You cannot be serious about making people be better people at heart if you are encouraging belief in miracles.


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