Miracle or Its Message - the Centre Point

The Church thinks every miracle has a direct or indirect message from God.
Suppose that a miracle is a sign from Heaven that a doctrine is true and tests persuade you that a miracle has taken place. Then you believe the miracle happened more strongly than you believe the message. The message cannot be scientifically tested like the inexplicability of the miracle can. And you can’t prove the message was given as reported. When miracles are more interested in getting you to believe in miracles than in the message it is clear that miracles are just a deity childishly showing off. The answer that God can’t do anything else and that it is a Hobson’s Choice is wrong for there are plenty of other easier and better bad ways to get a message across.
If God sends us a miracle to tell us to love and ask him for forgiveness then it is the message that counts and the miracle should be forgotten. It is not believing the miracle that matters but the message. The fact that if God does a miracle he would want us to believe in it proves that it is nonsense to imagine him doing miracles to convey a message.
Miracles are about the magic not the message for if the message should be believed miracle or not then there is no need for the miracle and it is just God showing off.


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