Inaccuracy is the rule for Bible translators these days.

There are a lot of scholars and theologians who change the Bible if they don’t like it.

The Jerusalem Bible has several places translated in accordance with readings and insertions that have little right to be considered to have been in the original (page 17, The Church of Rome and the Word of God). For example, it omits “few are required, one only one is needed” from Luke 10:41. It all boils down to what ancient codex they prefer to follow.

In Remarks on the New King James Version and Revised Authorised Version page 12 shows how these two Bibles have mistranslations in them. It demonstrates that the translators wanting rid of the Protestant doctrine that you are saved now and destined for heaven if you have received Christ change “you are saved” in the Bible to “you are being saved”. Another tendency among translators is to reduce the references that seem to say Jesus is God.

The New International Version booklet demonstrates how the popular translation of the Bible, the New International Version, is notorious for having altered doctrine (page 5). This Bible has mistranslations in it. For example, it translates garden as olive grove! (page 8)
Let’s Weigh the Evidence gives many examples of how modern Bibles try to undermine the divinity of Jesus Christ and the virgin birth and other doctrines. Zebedee’s wife and her children worshipping Jesus was changed to bowing down before Jesus in Matthew 20:20 in the New American Standard Bible. Also it changes Jesus promise that whoever eats his bread will never hunger to not hunger. Its rendition of John 6:47 has Jesus promising eternal life to those who believe and leaves out the important words “on me” (page 32). The Revised Standard Version changed Micah 5:2 to make it say that the Messiah would have an origin from ancient days not from everlasting (page 27). The Revised Standard denied the doctrine of salvation by faith only by making 1 Peter 2:2 ask the Church to grow up to salvation (page 29) whereas the original just says grow. The Good News Bible changed Isaiah 7:14 to remove any reference to a virgin birth (page 38). The Living Bible removed the accusation of the Jews against Jesus that he was totally born in sin in John 9:34 (page 42). Incredibly, 2 Kings 21:6 says that it was God’s opinion that Manasseh was a sinner (page 44) as if God has opinions when he knows all things! Opinions are weak beliefs that only beings that don’t know all things have. The fifth chapter details whole chunks and paragraphs omitted in the New American Standard Bible. All of Mark 16:9-20 was eliminated.

The New World Translation created by Jehovah’s Witnesses is undoubtedly the most unreliable Bible in existence. Excuse after excuse was used to excuse the perversions of the meaning in the Greek manuscripts in it. This Bible is exposed in books like Jehovah of the Watch-tower. Christianity prides itself on listening to God and not men but we see that rarely happens. Even the Bible it has cannot be trusted and you need to be lucky to find out what the text really means. 


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