How the healing of Monica Besra by Mother Teresa was a hoax miracle

No decent religion messes with the health of a vulnerable person by saying her or his seeming cure is supernatural when it is not. If you have the wrong cure you risk having the problem coming back or something worse happening.  Also,  you risk messing around with somebody else.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta, once the irritating Blessed Teresa of Calcutta as a result of one of the milestones in the scheme by the late Pope John Paul II to fast-track her to sainthood, and now the even more annoying St Teresa of Calcutta, is destined to become one of the most popular saints in the Catholic Church. It has emerged that she had to be exorcised of demons on her deathbed. She certainly needed it! And the Vatican ghoulishly used the suffering of Monica Besra to pretend that Mother who was dead cured her miraculously. That cure was one of the grounds on which Mother was made a saint.

It was reported in the Sunday Tribune of October 20th, 2002, (Vol 22) that Monica Besra, a West Bengali lady, who alleged that she was cured by the deceased Mother Teresa was not the recipient of a miracle though the Vatican formally recognised that she was. She said she was cured of a incurable cancerous tumour of the abdomen in 1998 on the anniversary of Mother Teresa’s death. She claimed that she was ill and that two nuns prayed with her to Mother Teresa when she felt strangely elated and discovered that she was healed. Doctors have testified that it was not cancer but a tubercular lump that died away thanks to prescribed drugs. She went for an ultrasound despite saying that her symptoms had gone and this was in May 1999! Were they gone at all? Parts of her story do not add up so her version cannot be trusted and it does seem that she had many of the same symptoms for she was admitted to hospital a year after the miracle with severe pain in the abdomen. According to a story that broke on 19th of October 2002, Dr Murshed claimed that representatives of the Roman Church and Mother Teresa’s order had come to him and applied pressure for him to declare the cure to be a miracle that can only be explained supernaturally. Many doctors were claiming that they treated Ms Besra for her illness even after the alleged healing.

The book, Christianity is not Great, says that Besra said that the tumour was taken away miraculously when she used a locket containing Mother Teresa's picture with devotion. She cried miracle but her own husband said it was the doctors that cured her. The book says that one doctor who treated her said she had a cyst and tuberculosis and did not have cancer. The healing was not instant - it took place slowly over a year! The Church ignores all the evidence and still insists it was a real miracle. The Church is only encouraging people to disparage medical science. That causes suffering and death. This is disgusting in a world where children are left to die even in America where parents want to trust prayer or magic or miracles instead of medicine and their madness has legal protection. And bizarrely, these hypocritical parents have no problem taking the family pet to a vet or animal hospital!

In The Freethinker October 2007 it was revealed that doctors claimed that Besra's recovery was not down to a miracle but down to conventional medical treatment. Besra was stricken with poverty and the Missionaries of Charity nuns promised her financial help. It continued only as long as the nuns needed Besra involved in the plot to attribute a miracle to Mother Teresa that never really happened. They used her and then they dumped her.


Catholic Church manufactured an ovarian miracle for Mother Teresa - August 17, 2017

by Sanal Edamaruku

Many do not know that the Catholic church declares a person a saint upon the approval of the merit of "miracles" that happened in their name. That nearly 10,000 saints that the church have also means this church of miracle-mongering so far approved around 20,000 "miracles"!

Mother Teresa also was made a saint after clearing this criterion. And for that, the church had to manufacture a "miracles" in her name.

The story goes as follows. A lady namely Monica Besra had an ovarian tumour. She placed a picture of Mother Teresa on her belly and prayed. Then the miracle happened! The tumour disappeared magically. Vatican approved this claim as a miracle. So the gates were open for her to become a saint.

Was Monica Besra’s ovarian tumour really cured by the supernatural powers of Mother Teresa’s picture placed on her abdomen? The Missionaries of Charity insist it was. The Vatican has approved the story officially as a first-class miracle.

The case of the miracle makers won’t stand in front of any court of law. Their witnesses have vowed to keep mum, not to contradict each other. Their certifiers are anonymous and untraceable. Their proof is obviously faked. And to top it all: their crown witness has vanished!

According to the Vatican, Monica Besra’s ovarian tumour was cured by the powers of Teresa’s picture, placed on her abdomen. But the medical records prove that it was sheer conventional medical treatment that rescued her life. “In the 21st century how can you talk about miracle healing?” asked the then West Bengal health minister Suyrya Kanta Mishra. The miracle documentation claims that several doctors certified that the healing was “scientifically inexplicable”, but not a single of these anonymous witnesses could so far be traced. The former health minister of West Bengal, Partho De, revealed that he had been approached by the Vatican agents and asked to name a doctor, who would certify that Monica Besra’s healing was a miracle. He declined support. After ordering the medical records of the case in February 2000 for scrutiny to the Kolkata (Calcutta) health department, he was convinced that there was nothing unusual about the disappearance of the tumour after prolonged medical treatment.

Knitting her saintly cowl with relentless efforts, the miracle agents of the Vatican under the leadership of chief investigator Brian Kolodiejchuk identified several hundred examples for Mother Teresa’s supernatural capacities. Neatly filed, classified and elaborately documented in a dossier of more than 34,000 pages, the bundle was sent to the Vatican. On this base, her canonisation became a mere formality and the Albanian born nun entered the annals of saints as the speediest one in the history of the Catholic Church.

The most important of those bundled paranormal claims is the miracle, which Teresa has allegedly done on her first death anniversary. At least one proven after-death-miracle is a must for any saint. Teresa’s managers have offered the “Healing of Monica Besra” for this purpose and the Vatican has officially accepted it as a suitable ticket to sainthood. But unexpectedly the miracle has met with a tough challenge. Stripped off the veil of holiness, it looks like a rough-cut fake.

Dr. Manju Murshed, superintendent of the government hospital in Balurghat, informed that Monica Besra was admitted in the hospital with severe pain. She suffered from tubercular meningitis and from an ovarian tumour, which was discovered during an ultra-sound investigation. She was subsequently treated by Dr.Tarun Kumar Biwas and the gynaecologist Dr. Ranjan Mustafi. After she left the hospital, the treatment was continued in the North Bengal Medical College and Hospital and ended successfully in March 1999. A final ultra-sound investigation showed that the tumour had disappeared.

Heart piece of the Vatican’s “proof” is a statement of crown witness Monica Besra. It leaked, despite utmost secrecy, to the press. In this statement, Besra describes that she was suffering from terrible pain from a giant tumour in her stomach and nearly lost all hope. She left her family to seek help with the Missionaries of Charity in Kolkata. On 5 October, 1998, Mother Teresa’s first death anniversary, she prayed to her ardently. Two nuns, sister Bartholomea and sister Ann Sevika, took a silver medallion with Mother’s picture from the wall and tied it on Monica’s body with a black thread, right on the tumour. The pain vanished the same night and never came back. Her stomach became smaller and smaller and in the morning she felt that the tumour had vanished. She was miraculously healed!

Monica Besra is a tribal woman from Dulidnapur village. She is illiterate and speaks her tribal mother tongue only, laced with a few words of broken Bengali. Until recently she has not been a Christian. The statement is written in fluent English and shows familiarity with details of Catholic belief. It is obvious that the text has not been written or dictated by her. But Monica Besra is not available to bring light into the murky story: she has vanished. She must be “under the protection of the church”, suspect those close to her. She was not seen, since her name, despite all efforts of secrecy, became public.

And the nuns involved in the miracle keep their lips sealed. “An objective miracle has happened”, explains archbishop D’Souza of Kolkata. “The sisters don’t want to give different versions as that would spoil things.”

If this obvious fraud is not brought to book and if the idea of miraculous healing gets credence, it will have dangerous consequences for the uneducated and the poor.

Confidence in modern medicine and science has to be developed and strengthened and people have to be encouraged to use available medical facilities for treatment instead of taking to superstition and miracle belief. The efforts should be to expand the outreach of the modern medicine to all strata of the society.


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