Catholic Pharmacists and the Morning After Pill and their conscience

The view that pharmacists should be legally allowed the choice of refusing to give abortifacient pills because their religion is against abortion is incorrect. They are not forcing the women taking the pills to use them. The women might not take them at all. It is not for them to judge if the person will take the pills. Retail assistants who sell knives to the public are not to be blamed if they sell them to teenagers who may stab with them.
The pharmacists are really bigots hiding under the cloak of virtue. They wail about religious discrimination when they are forced to give the morning-after pill to a rape victim. It is about seeking special privileges under the law.
If the pharmacists are against abortion because they think it hurts and kills innocent unborn babies that is a genuine objection from their conscience. If they are against it because of religious law then that is just bigotry. That shows concern for rules not people. It doesn't deserve respect.
The pharmacist might argue, "The evidence is that life begins at conception or soon after. I am religious but I am against abortion because of the evidence and not because my religion says so." A thinking Christian cannot say such a thing. As Jesus said God is to be adored above anything and everything and above your own self and to be the all and all it follows that the Christian should be concerned about what God has revealed or disclosed about abortion and not what the evidence says at all. The Christian can say that evidence can point you in the wrong direction but God knows his stuff. The pharmacist then who says he is against abortion because of the evidence should not be given the right to refuse on the basis of religious freedom for he is not speaking from a religious perspective even if he says he is.
To accuse a pharmacist of enabling murder, needs to be made a hate crime. Religion needs to take responsibility if maverick religionists (are they really mavericks or just consistent?) attack pharmacists or murder them.
The faithful believer has no problem approving and supporting a hypocritical religious and political system that tells lawyers who know they are defending evil monsters and trying to get them off the hook to condone the evil and tell themselves that the monsters are good people. After all, a good lawyer has to believe his or her own lies to be convincing and to convince others. Christianity does not really believe in freedom of conscience and virtue except when it suits its prejudices. A good lawyer aims to have witnesses under oath trip up so that it looks like they lied under oath. He does not care if they really did but just cares that it looks like they did. Also, he will take on the case when he feels that the accused has a reasonable chance of talking her or his way out of trouble.


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