Idolatry is the worship of what is not God as sacred. It's a violation of the right God has to be worshipped.
Many people get a nice glow inside them when they pray and think of God. They pray without realising that they are praying to this feeling.
The best theologians say that God is being itself and you cannot talk about what God is only about what he is not. They say that the thought of a God who is in time and like us is idolatry.
If you adore your perception of God, you are not adoring God. Even if your perception is right that is not the point. You are still intending to honour what you think God is not what he is. It would take a miracle for a person to really honour and worship God.
Our hearts deceive us very well. We could think we are adoring him when we are actually adoring a mental and emotional image of him.
When people who pray to God find idolatry so hard to avoid, it must be nearly impossible to honour a saint and pray to a saint without being an idolater. The veneration of saints then must be rejected outright as blasphemous and heretical and corrupting. It is a turning away from the true good which is God.
Mary is treated as a divine being or goddess in Catholicism though that faith denies it vehemently.
Why would Catholics keep repeating prayers to Mary if they are about honouring her in order to please God? It would only be necessary to say, “God give Mary my honour,” the once.
No pagan Goddess ever received the kind of reverence that Mary gets from Catholics. For example, did the pagans not see Aphrodite as a whore and a retard compared to Athena? The pagans believed their gods and goddesses often got their powers from higher gods and goddesses. And you find Catholics saying the saints get their powers from God. So they are really gods and goddesses and not saints.
The Bible at Romans 8:26 states that we are too weak to know how to pray as we ought so the Holy Spirit intercedes for us to make up for that. Praying to the Virgin Mary undermines that idea totally. It is trying to ignore the Spirit so as to get a lesser being to do the interceding. If you believe the Spirit patches up what you do wrong in prayer, you will not invoke Mary. If you pray to her, then is the Holy Spirit fixing the faults so that the prayer will reach her perfected and persuasive? So the Holy Spirit then virtually prays to Mary too!

From A Christian's Pocket Guide to Mary: Mother of God? by Leonardo De Chirico:

The Catechism goes as far as saying that ‘The Church’s devotion to the Blessed Virgin is intrinsic to Christian worship’ (971).

The indisputable evidence of many of these devotional acts and habits indicates that in many people’s lives the centrality of Mary is much more prominent than reverence and obedience to Christ. All this happens not in spite of what the Roman Catholic Church teaches but because of what it explicitly or implicitly endorses.

In the early church not all typologies referring to Mary were positive. Tertullian (160–220 AD), commenting on Mark 3:31–35 speaks of Mary as representing the synagogue being surpassed by the family of God made of people who believe. (See On the Flesh of Christ, 7). Why is the Church then going out of its way for her?  Because she is an idol.


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