Some say the answer to the problem of evil is that it is a mystery. Others say it is not but that specific evils can be a mystery but the problem as a whole is not.

Each solution to the problem of evil is itself a mystery for it is really only a possible solution. 

If we know that evil is compatible with the existence of God, then the evil he lets happen is a mystery in the sense that we cannot know what his plan is. Suppose we need evil to be happy or good. That would prove that a loving God can permit evil to happen. But what if there is no reasonable explanation for why evil and God can fit? What happens if you say it is a mystery then? That is what we are talking about here.

Religionists commonly preach that the solution to the problem of evil exists but is undiscovered. We know what good and evil are and if there is a possible answer we would have found it ages ago. And they have no reason to think there is a solution. It is evil to excuse the behaviour of a being whose existence you cannot really and rationally be as sure of as the existence of an evil and cruel person. It is best that if you are going to excuse two people, excuse the one whose existence is best verified. And excuse the evil man or woman next door because no matter what they do, they are not entities who supposedly run the universe and let babies suffer to a magnitude we will never understand. If you believe in God then you have to believe that it is best to excuse the evil and cruel person. The being that is more likely to exist should get the best treatment and that is your neighbour.

The less evidence you have that somebody exists, the more likely it is that your head is filling in the blanks. Condoning the evil of a God you do not know well or cannot know well is therefore saying more about you than God.

The doctrine that evil is a mystery is itself evil. The evil might be implied but it is still evil. We tend to be too tolerant and happy with implied evil. That is a flaw that we need to weed out. If evil is a mystery then God is fictitious and an abomination.

The mystery doctrine is a cop-out. Even if it were not intended to be, it could still be one. It is too serious of a matter to get wrong!

Religion might answer that it is no big deal and the doctrine is to be praised when we deal with evil being a mystery by battling it. They see battling evil as a part of exercising our belief that evil is a mystery and helping ourselves see that better. It is reinforcing the perception that evil is a mystery and to be battled against. But to say evil is a mystery is to say that it could be a mystery why evil will reign over many innocent people forever despite the existence of a loving God. It could be that God's plan does not include you because it cannot.

The believer simply knows that doing good brings good results. You don't need religion to work that out. They are using non-religious wisdom and trying to marinate it in faith.

Such dishonesty is an insult to suffering people.


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