Name calling is supposed to be out of bounds for it is trying to make the other feel smaller than you so it is cruel.

And it is trying to reduce a person to what you call them instead of saying that like yourself they are a complex mix of good and bad. What they say is not worth hearing.

Name-calling is taking advantage of how people make unfair stereotypes of others and it is trying to enforce them. They harm so in order for you to hurt one person you are in fact harming others by othering them.

Jesus called names. He called Herod a fox which was a gross insult. And we are told that it was because Herod was sly like a fox. The story gives no hint that that was what Jesus meant. It is strange that you are accused of trying to see a person as a pig if you call them a pig and nobody says, “You only meant to point out they are dirty.”  Nobody says, "You already know they are a mix of bad and good so calling them a name reflects that.  You are only mentioning their bad trait and don't denying there is more to them than that."

Now calling you a dehumaniser because you call a name is hypocritical.  And it clearly is a lie also.

Christianity bans name calling but it calls each individual person a sinner!

To say that Jesus can namecall because he knows what the person really is means "If I knew like him I could namecall too".  So either Christians think namecalling is fine but only banned in case you are in the wrong or they are complete hypocrites.


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