The fake apparitions of Medjugorje were tested but it was not impressive.  The bishop of the diocese is right to say that there is nothing supernatural at Medjugorje. The visionaries failed all the real tests.

It is hard to know how much attention you can pay to tests like this anyway. There are millions of companies around the world which disagree on how to make the best sunscreen and if you want to find what is the best UVA protection you will have trouble finding out.

Nancy Fowler the visionary from Conyers, Georgia, was tested and supposedly found to have the brain activity that is associated with a coma though she was wide awake (An Overview of the Medical and Scientific Testing of Visionary Nancy Fowler, Conyers, Georgia WWW). But what we are not told is that once Jesus blessed a well in her visions so that pilgrims could use the water as a sacramental and it turned out that the water contained dangerous bacteria. Fowler makes apocalyptic prophecies with no dates or times specified for when they will be fulfilled and predicts the USA engaging in war with oriental people who invade America. The lack of precision and detail in the prophecies indicate that, at the very least, she is lying about what she is being told if she is being told anything at all. God would not send his servant to appear to somebody that was too unreliable. To predict war like she does is to encourage nations to war for they think then that God ordains it. The point is, false visionaries allegedly show up strange things during tests so we should still be wary of Medjugorje. The tests are futile from a religious point of view.

The 2022 book by Michael O Neill Science and the Miraculous: How the Church Investigates the Supernatural says her visions encourage ignoring the authority of the Church in favour of the messages...

If so do we have a miracle telling us to disobey?  If Catholicism is the true faith and a real miracle is telling us to be rebels and cherry-pickers there is something badly wrong.  Surely we have a proof then if this is truly supernatural that the supernatural is very fond of lying.


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