Religion says God is pure harmlessness and love. That does not fit how he has set up plagues and earthquakes and natural evils that cannot be blamed on human free will. A human person will worry more about somebody having cancer than them having a vice such as gambling. To worry more about such moral evils is itself a moral evil!  And that is what you are signing up to once you say there is a God.

Our attitude to natural evil says something about the kind of people we are and the kind of God we worship. We will contend that the notion that natural evil fits God and even glorifies him is disgraceful.

Religion says God wants us all to have only good but it says we rejected that offer. This is implicitly saying that accidental evil, natural evil that is not down to somebody doing it and the suffering of animals is wrong. It is so wrong that free agents are to blame. But those things still happen when free will is not involved! What about that? Blaming free will assumes that rebels against God make evil and apart from that there is no evil. But there is. Religion does not have the nerve to pretend that the evils in nature we mentioned are goods. That would be sick.

The attempts to make out that natural evil is not a moral matter for it is nobody's fault not even God's need to stop talking about natural evil and use the word accident instead. The bottom line is that if there is a God then there are no accidents.

We have learned that natural evil is unjustly ignored though it gets lip treatment and is ignored to make us feel responsible for the devastation around us. We have learned that the problem is not natural evil but how religion is so unjust to us. The injustice is condoned by the very idea of a loving God.

We are wilfully and unjustly blamed for the disaster that nature is. Don't forget that natural evil is everywhere all the time. It is not just this tsunami there or the earthquake here. We are always threatened by nature's seeming order which is really not an order but a disorder that looks more ordered than it is. Nobody tells us if our free will to do harm is not just another natural evil. We are even accused of putting ourselves in the way of trouble by living in earthquake zones. We are told that the natural evil of getting spoilt matters more than the death and carnage of an earthquake where there are children's hospitals. This is a very serious subject and people believing in God and being led to God by religion that do not give them the in depth study they need on the subject is a disgrace.


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