Here is an article based around a Psychology Today piece.

If a negative thought is telling you the truth then you need to let it and you need to listen.

The advantages of negative thoughts and fears and feelings is,

#They warn you about possible threats that may emotionally hurt you or otherwise hurt you.

#You can use this warning to help you decide to take steps to avoid the hurt.

#They warn you to change what you are doing and take the steps.

#They motivate you to do this.

It is necessary to be aware of this. Negativity cannot help us if we don't. Negativity and positivity have to work together and find a meeting point. The important thing in life is that we be realistic about what can happen and be prepared and able to deal with and work through whatever pain comes.

We are not advocating negativity. Far from it. We are admitting that even the most positive person has a tinge of negativity. Do not be negative towards your own negativity. That is adding fuel to the fire that threatens you. Instead be grateful for the warning it gives and take steps if necessary so that you heed the warning. The best way to heed the warning is to keep the positivity stronger. You do that by recognising and protecting the positivity you actually have.

People battle to develop a psychological immune system that protects them from infection from mentally destructive traumas. They engage positive thinking, prayer, superstition and counselling while in fact they already probably have an adequate psychological immune system. Experts Timothy Wilson and Daniel Gilbert assert that trying to think more positively is inadvisable for you are doing it anyway and are trying to be unrealistic. You should have the level of positivity that is right for you. It helps us cope with negative or devastating information. We have the power to revise what we think about some loss so that we start to see maybe the loss was not that bad.

Positive thinking is very future-centred which mean you will not enjoy the present moment but look to future moments. That is one reason why trying to be more positive than you should be will fail. What is the point of caring about the future if your wonderful present does not impress you and get your attention. Trying to get rid of your negative emotions when they are about warning you is the reason being positive will not make you happy - you are blinding yourself to risks and dangers, to what you sense, and that is no way to get happiness. It won't work for it is you trying to convince yourself you are okay because you are not okay.

Positive thinking goes with the appalling outlook, everything happens for a reason. That "proverb" leads to you failing to learn from your own mistakes and you see the disaster as something that is going to be good for you regardless of how negative you feel about it. You end up burying the negativity. You end up feeling that life is in control and you are in control too for you just go along with it. That will only make you less prepared to handle a new disaster.
We must realise that we can think positive thoughts without making an effort. Making an effort shows you are trying to think what you in fact do not think. Just let them happen and you will feel positive and you wont be sacrificing. That allows happiness to happen. If we are negative, all the forgetting about happiness to be happy and doing all the good works in the world will not make us happy. People will not be content if we do good for them and they sense we take no pride or joy in helping them. The moral is, "Do not think positive but see that you already do that".


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