A man kills his family.
The papers will run the story before his trial. They will condemn him. They persecute somebody who may be mentally ill. The Church buys the papers and spreads the word about what the man has done. Thus it enables what is being done to this man and expects us to believe that it loves him! It knows that most people will hate the man upon hearing the story. They will feel he knew what he was doing and they will feel that for months or years until the man was proven to be insane.
It is generally agreed that people have a right to have their past misdeeds forgotten so that they can have a good reputation unless there is evidence that they will do wrong in the future and somebody needs to be warned about them.

The Church and Islam say that telling lies to blacken the name of others is the grave sin of calumny. To reveal their unknown faults to a person who has no right to know them is detraction. Rome says that these are grave sins if it is said that they did something serious.

Newspapers often contain lies and twisted facts.

Newspapers report to satisfy peoples’ craving to have reasons to look down upon others.

Newspapers gratify those who want to see others suffer for doing wrong as a distraction for people who know what they themselves were up to.

Newspapers have no mercy for anybody who committed a once-off crime and cruelly exposes them.

The clergy buy them.

The Church sells stories to them which helps them sell.

Journalists and editors are welcomed to communion.

The Church makes money from the murders of Jesus Christ and the saints and the secular world capitalises on the death of Princess Diana to sell books, pictures and photographs. They must really loathe these people when they are mercenary towards them. And, of course, the public help them to be.

Yet the holy people approve of and buy and let people buy newspapers. They approve of the news and let people listen to it and do so themselves. All this though the papers and the news reveal things about people that should not be revealed to the public. Despite its insincere denunciation of gossip, the Bible says things about people like Tamar being a whore and David’s illicit steamy romps with Bathsheba and Judas thieving that we have no need to know. This book has a lot to answer for.

Jesus himself was dodgy when he did not tell his apostles to keep scandal out of their preaching.

The papers and television make money out of other people’s misfortune which is especially callous. This shows how many hypocrites there are out there.
The Bible says that astrologers should be put to death. Jesus said that if your eye causes you to sin cut it off meaning that you should do whatever is possible to stop sin for it is so despicable and should be hated totally. The Bible says that God comes first and Jesus said the same thing. He said you have to love God with all your heart and that nobody was good but God meaning that the less you adore God the less you adore good. All newspapers contain horoscopes and phone numbers for astrologers. The Church should forbid buying such papers if it really believes its Bible for it is supporting serious heresy to do that.


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