The doctrine that good works need not be duties but gifts in the light of the philosophy of love the sinner and hate the sin

Jesus repeatedly showed hatred for the sins of others by urging repentance and threatening and calling people evil.  If you cannot truly value the person with sins then he is to blame.  He is the greatest hater of all time for he ranted like an insane person with an obsession.

Religion says you have to love the sinner not the sin - the sin is to be hated.  God supposedly commands that and does that himself. The idea is the sinner is owed love and the sin is owed hate.  Obligation is about owing. Do you really owe love to the sinner?  A sinner by definition cannot be owed or deserve your love.  The love then is a gift.  That means there is nothing wrong with refusing to give that gift.  Why?  Because any pressure undermines the generosity.  The gift must be completely free.  Love the sinner and hate the sin fails and collapses if it is turned into a law or into a principle represented by God.  Then you end up regarding the person who does not do it as immoral or sinful.  You end up degrading them for the sake of the sinner and what love for anybody is there in that?  Religion is pointless if it has no commands.

A God can only suggest how to treat others and sinners he cannot command.  He cannot say, "You shall not kill them or covet or whatever."  Thus the whole Bible and its commandments collapse. Philosophy shows Jesus who affirmed Old Testament commands and issued new ones had to have been a fraud or a mental case or a myth.

Reply: "If you owe love as in urging the sinner to repent that does not mean you owe love as in giving her a birthday present."  How many people then tell the sinner who has a heart attack, "I will phone the ambulance if you repent first"?

Is love the sinner and hate the sin a duty or an extra? Is it superogation?  It is superogation despite everybody pretending to be dispensers of moral obligation towards sinners!  It effectively means morality with its rules and duties is nonsense. 

An offshoot of love sinner hate sin is "forgive sinner: hate sin".  When a person becomes a victim do we want to end up hurting them further by putting an obligation to forgive on them?  Certainly not!  Moving on emotionally and forgiving are not the same thing.  Don't confound them.  Demands to forgive are moral bullying and people who do that cannot ask us to think that they can really love the sinner and hate the sin.


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