A real need is a need.  One you make yourself is a pity not a need.

Wanting to be right all the time or too much will cause you a lot of pain and stress.  Plus you block yourself from listening to others and learning.  Truth does not care what you think so you always need to try and learn.  Then you can get on the best side of it.

It is nice to be right but try to sprinkle it with kindness too.  The two can agree.

Rather than blame another try to learn from the experience and improve yourself.  Blame is a waste of time.  Action is what is needed.

Allow people to be who they are and do what they want and within reason try to avoid wanting to control them for the sake of control.  Not letting go enough means that things will go wrong.  You just cannot really control people as much as you think.

If your mind gives you negative warnings just remember that it might not be right.  If it is too self-defeating and complaining then giving in to it will make it worse.

Be careful that certain opinions, beliefs, and things you think you know, can hold you back.  They can have you trapped in the wrong place.  “A belief is not an idea held by the mind, it is an idea that holds the mind” Elly Roselle.  It doesn't have to be like that Elly.  Magical beliefs such as God and witchcraft all rise from "everything happens for good in the end" kind of thinking.  See that belief for what it is.  It is enslaving you and lying to you.

Instead of complaining try to do something to help the situation improve.

Don't criticise others for if you do you are telling yourself the world is full of critics and they are coming for you!  What is in you colours how you see the world.

Take off your mask and don't pretend to be the kind of person you are not.  Lies and living them is hard work and unhealthy.  Be you and friends will come.  Atheism is about being you for once you can look after yourself you are truly self-made.

Labels cause problems.  You apply them to persons who might not want them.  You apply them to make boxes and divisions.

Change can be good and you can help it be good.  Do not be resistant to change.

Listen to what fear has to say to you and don't let it grip you.  Take the warning and get rid of the fear. “The only fear we have to fear, is fear itself” said Franklin D. Roosevelt.  But that depends.  Fear is bad but the warning aspect is needed.

Treat life as a journey not a destination and leave the past where it is.

We do not need a God of unconditional love for that is an entity that is saying, "I don't care if you are lovable or not. I love you." What use is that? If you are not lovable then such love is deceitful. It would mean God feels a deep appreciation for what is vile or may be vile! Again the point is, we must abandon the idea of God and the worship of God to find our self-worth.

Why would you want a God to unconditionally love you in the sense of seeing you as nothing but lovable no matter if you are lovable or not?  You want benefits from him.  What you really want is unconditional forgiveness where even if you kill you get a reward from him anyway.  He has to pretend you actually saved a life.  You want the unconditional love of God but you are not giving that back.  You only want God not for God but for how he can benefit you.  The fast way to unhappiness is to think it comes from what you can get.  Reality does not care what you want and the next financial crash will sweep your money away.  The unconditional love of God is a toxic and underhanded way of ruining people.   

Do not live up to a God's supposed expectations.  That is living up to what people want him to expect of you.  Being told that God made you and owns you is telling you to live a life that is not yours.  You ignore what you sense is best for you to leave it up to a God.  You are not going to get a second chance.  This life right now is it.


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