Altruism - I seek to help others and avoid any thought of a reward even if it is just a good feeling. I help the other for their sake only.

Egoism - I seek to help for I am a social creature and I need to. It is for my sake.

Egotism - I seek not to help. It is about me.

What if one or more of these is not what human beings are like? What if one or more of these is not a practical option?

We will find that altruism and egotism are not what human beings are like and not a practical option. That leaves egoism.

Most people look at what you do to see if you are self-interested or other-interested. Choosing not to see things that need fixing is an action too. What about the good things we can do but fail to do?

Looking away from the person in need to help a friend in need for you get something out of that person is selfish.

Passing the beggar while on your way to the nice restaurant is selfish.

Most of the time we omit to do things for others however great their need.

This increases the probability that we are getting something, even something small, out of everything we do.

We are egoists.


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