Abortion is a right and a male objecting is guilty of sexual violence

It does not matter if evolution or creation is the truth right now.  The fact is that survival is the name of the game and different forms of life are at war with each other.

Whatever grows in you against your will even if it is an alien ten times smarter and kinder than you automatically loses its right to life if you cannot get rid of it without having its life ended.  Even if its abortion is violent and causes it unimaginable suffering that is not your problem.  That is how much body autonomy matters at least with this subject.

Religion lies here that killing the innocent is always wrong but it lets you shoot the person who has been drugged without knowing and you attacks you thinking you are demon or something.  That person is innocent and a victim.  Yet that does not matter.

These points back up how you have the right to do what you will with your own body.  They prove it. Even if they didn't, they raise irremovable suspicions about the motives of anti-abortion people. 

There are two reasons so far then then why abortion is a fundamental right.

There are others.

Woman, it is most important that your body and your life be protected. Nobody, not even your child, can take your organs to live even if you can spare them. Not even your own child has the right to demand your organs to live. Suppose you have to donate organs to save the lives of three or even a thousand people and you will be on a machine for the rest of your life, nobody says you are obligated to do it. You cannot be forced to save these lives. What if your body had unique properties and could be a life-support system for a thousand people?  You cannot be forced to become the life-support and if you do agree you have the right to disconnect yourself at any time and be independent even if it guarantees they will die.  A case for abortion then can be made along these lines.

The life and welfare of a grown woman comes before the life of a what is developing into a human being. An embryo cannot have the same rights as an adult or existing child. It does not have the developed brain of an adult. Some say, "However, abortion of an unborn child at the later stage of pregnancy is certainly murder."  Not when you think of the points we have considered.  They also show that our morality is largely opinion and too much so.  Don't force your opinion on another.

When a woman gets pregnant, it is her body. She may have an abortion if she doesn’t want a baby. The earlier abortion takes place the better. The new life at conception cannot have the same right to life as a foetus of six months or a newborn baby. Denying this is disregard for the newborn. The morning after pill and abortion pills must be freely available so that women are not compelled to have later abortions.  If pro-choice disregard the unborn remember that pro-life does that too.

A woman has the right to have an abortion without the consent of the father or father-to-be. It is her body.

Plus male love is defective for males are not sexually wired up well.  They objectify genitalia and breasts.  In porn, males are about the parts not the woman as a person.  A man may love the woman but deep down especially during sex this love has a bad degrading side.  Why should the male be even consulted with abortion?  Let him pay for it yes but otherwise shut up.

The pro-life objection that nobody has absolute rights over their own body is actually irrelevant here. People argue that a woman having the right to decide what happens to her body, does not imply that she has the right to slay her child in the womb. They say she might not have the right to amputate her own hand just for kicks. But unwanted pregnancy is different. It is not like she would be harming herself or mutilating herself by having the pregnancy terminated.  Actually a right and a permission are not the same thing.  You are not going to punish a woman for cutting off her hand.  So she does have the right to do it but she does not have the permission.  See the point?  A right to abortion is clear in early pregnancy but later it may be a permission issue.  People must think this through.

It is not deliberate murder to end the life of a being you believe is not a person yet - even if you are wrong. It is accidental then.

We use laws to prevent many forms of lesser good such as murder, stealing and rape and so on. And we want this to continue. But there are some kinds of lesser good that we have to allow such as abortion and giving pain-killer drugs to dying people that also result in accelerating the dying process so that they die sooner.

People say that abortion is open to abuse. Some pro-choice people worry about that.  They refer to women who leave things very late or who use abortion as a form of contraception. I deny that this is abuse.  But if it were, then anything that is allowed can be abused. We must allow abortion nonetheless. Do we want women attempting DIY abortions or going to backstreet abortionists?

You must recognise that not everybody agrees with you if you think abortion is wrong. If you think that then use all caring and legitimate means to get that message out but do not start campaigning for the law of the state to prohibit abortion. If abortion is wrong that does not mean it ought to be illegal. If it is legal and wrong, that doesn't matter as long as women see that it is wrong and don't have abortions. When the law forbids abortion, it must lay down penalties to punish those who have abortions. A law that does not punish is only a mockery not a law. Few agree that women having abortions should be punished. Let there be no attempts to make the law declare abortion illegal. Let us realise though that attempts to ban abortion may lead to abortion being punished.

Women have a right to choose. We must support that right.


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