What is an atheist? Actions speak louder than words one way but another way they do not. Words are actions. Human beings are more about acting until we think what we act is true rather than the other way round. Atheism is more about sensing and acting that there is no God than believing that there is no God.

An atheist is the person who realises that nobody outside of her or him can change her or him at all. Change comes solely from what you are. The atheist is atheism in action which means the proper atheist will grow and help others to grow. The true atheist knows there is no God so she or he will be God to the outcasts and the poor first and foremost.

Principles are not about the person. It is still wrong to kill even if there is nobody to kill. But principles benefit the person and if they are tough they make a person strong. Do you really want a universe where everything is about you and not principle for the reality is that you cannot have everything all your own way? No. Let us reword. Do you really want a universe where everything is about you embody principle and make it part of you so that you become principle in action? Yes. That is the atheist message.

You must know that best and worst are objective values.

You must want to know them.

You must want to do the best.

Our hope is to bring a simple method of fulfilment to all people so that they will be able to be revitalised through the experience of enlightenment without the need for authoritarian dogmatism, superstition, prayer and religion. These pages show you how you can love yourself so much that you will work eagerly for the happiness and healing of others. The book contains the essential truths for creating a healthy atheist society. Dogma is carefully avoided. This work relays methods based on facts. Facts unite all perceptive, reasonable and mature people. They matter more than beliefs and opinions which though often necessary, often serve to cause disputes and confusion.

If you are in terrible circumstances and not much help if any comes from heaven that you are still better off with the hope.

Perhaps this page may seem boring, on the occasions when it seems to be stating the obvious and bland. But what is obvious is not enough – it needs to be remembered when it helps us live lives of rational faith. Yet if we forget its core principles in the vicissitudes of life we will suffer. It is important to have them in one source, this book and to read it frequently to joyfully reinforce the power of the truth.

It’s all down to you!

Whatever happens in your life is not always down to you. But what is down to you is how you use whatever happens. And that is down to you entirely. You aim for your goals and you take them when you achieve them and that is all your work - nobody else’s at all not even a God’s. Deciding to act is more doing than how you use your body to physically do it.

Worship good not God!

If love is real and the universe makes it then the universe is better than God. Chance and blind forces making love is better than a God making it for then it is less understandable.

Atheists who simply sense the absence of God avoid the burden of proof and it is up to believers to show. Sensing is the essential and most important part of atheism. The atheist needs to be affirmed as a person or having this sense for it is very much about what he or she is as a person.

Actions can be evil but that does not mean that the people committing the actions are evil for they cannot intend it to be completely bad. They are doing good misguidedly.

People think that forgiving is wiping the state clean and then everybody gets along as if the bad deed never took place. But forgiving is more like something that gets better over time and sometimes never completely heals. God is basically an attempt to sell fast mercy. He forgives just like that!

Never make a promise you cannot follow through to others or to yourself. The more you lie and the more you fail to keep promises, the more you affirm that trust may be a mistake. The more harm you do yourself.

Do unto others what you would like them to do unto you is nonsense. Do what you think and feel that the other person wants you to do. Everybody is so different.

Never see anything as completely bad because it isn't!

Fall in love with life. When you fall in love, you love with what the beloved is warts and all. You don't fall in love with what you think this person should be. That is not falling in love with the person.  Love for life drives hope.  It drives all.


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