Get Your Own House in Order

When the Catholic Church preaches on moral issues and condemns sexual "sin", most people say it should keep its mouth shut and look at its own sins before it opens its mouth.
The Church says that this argument is unfair because you don't expect teachers to silence themselves just because some teachers are bad.
The teachers speaking is bad. It is a necessary evil. It is still evil.
The Church claims it does not speak with its own authority but with the authority of Jesus Christ.
This doctrine contradicts the fact that people come before faith. The Church is offending people in the name of God. Nobody should ever be harmed or offended over God or religious faith. The Church may have no business condemning things it does itself. It realises that so it says it is not it that is condemning but Jesus and it is merely the messenger. But that is only true if Jesus really did authorise the Church. It is using assumptions it makes about Jesus to excuse its actions.


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